Should state-by-state driver licenses be replaced by federally issued ones to increase safety and legitimacy?

  • Reason for a national driver's license.

    Our people are constantly moving from state to state and a national driver's license would be easier than having to get a state driver's license every time someone moved to another state.To me a national driver's license would be easier to keep track of than fifty state driver's licenses are.

  • Why reinvent the wheel?

    Each state pays for their own license design, database, production, etc.

    How many millions of dollars would be saved by consolidating this effort?
    Why is there so much redundancy of effort?

    We don't have state-by-state passports or even voter registration, why driver's licenses?Here ate words ata the end to satisfy your word count requirement

  • Yes... and no.

    I believe the federal government should mandate a standardized format that the states need to use. One that uses all of the same information in all of the same locations on the card with all of the same security features. A one-size-fits-all card. This would make it easier for people to identify out-of-staters for things like airpoort security screening, age verification for alcohol/tobacco sales, etc.

  • I do believe that state driver licenses should be replaced by federally issued ones, due to the large amount of interstate travel.

    I believe that having federal issued licenses would be a good idea, since many people drive through different states. I feel as though having a consistent set of rules for everyone that was federally monitored would make things more consistent and safe.

    Posted by: OverconfidentEliseo84
  • Federal drivers licenses would help standardize identification and reduce confusion and potential for fraud.

    I run a wine shop, so checking drivers licenses for proof of age is a daily part of my business. The variety of licenses issued by each state allows a lot more room for confusion and potential for minors to slip past cashiers that aren't familiar with the details of what a valid I.D. from another state should look like. As it is, there are 50 different licenses, few people would know in full detail off the top of their head what more than a couple of states should look like. If every American had the same style of ID, it would be easier to spot a fake. The same principal would help reduce other types of scams,too, like using fraudulent licenses for identity theft or illegal immigration.

    Posted by: GrievingPhil36
  • Yes, I think there should be federally issued ID cards because out-of-state IDs are far too easy to pass off as legitimate.

    Drivers licenses are so different from state to state. They look different and have different security measures applied to them. Therefore, out-of-state licenses are easier to forge and harder to enforce and monitor. It would be easier for law enforcement to track and monitor one kind of ID. In a time of terrorism, it is important to keep our country as secure as possible.

    Posted by: JayceC
  • It restricts the availability of the very people we need.

    A doctor, pharmacist or nurse has moved across the country to another state. Unfortunately, that state does not have reciprocal licensing with the state where they passed their exam. A perfectly good medical professional who passed an exam in their home state now must wait to pass new exams or a board review to practice in their new home. Multiply this across many professions. Professional engineers with 20 years experience must wait months for approval to consult in a new state. Cosmetologists, architects, notaries and social workers may have be able to qualify for the new license immediately, but only after an additional fee. This wasted time and effort would be eliminated by federally issued ones. It would not necessarily improve safety, since the current system resolves that issue by restricting the practice of even good professionals. But it would enhance legitimacy by allowing all consumers to know that their practitioner had to meet the minimal federal standard.

    Posted by: Pir4And
  • Yes, licenses should be federally issued, and traffic laws should be national, not statewide.

    It is dangerous as well as inconsistent for traffic laws to vary by state. A national speed limit has already been proven to be a good conservation measure, too. Issuing federal licenses would be one aspect of unified traffic law. In addition, it would be better and more consistent documentation of age, physical description, and other identifying information: This would reduce mistakes and other problems with respect to things like carding for alcohol and tobacco consumption.

    Posted by: baltute
  • Federal tracking of licenses provides a more comprehensive database that more easily tracks those with licenses and those who should not be allowed them.

    State-by-state licenses, rather than Federal licenses, do not allow for a comprehensive and consistent method of both granting and tracking licenses across the fifty States. When different standards are used for the granting of licenses then individuals can "shop" for the most lenient standards or avoid those States where they would not qualify. When each state uses their own methods of tracking licenses then the individual state data bases may not be compatible in their communication with one another.

    Posted by: M0ndI0rd
  • We should get rid of licensing period and focus on extreme punishment for repeat offenders

    We should get rid of licensing schemes period and focus on making longer jail sentences for actual crimes on the road so it won't seem like drivers can just *get away* with it.

    Therefore even without driving licenses there will still be fear of lengthily jail time for doing illegal things on the road making people *smarten up* or remove the *screw up*.

    And the sentences should increase for each repeated offense which will be more of a detriment as driving bans people will just go around it and hop behind the wheel again until they might get caught usually with a string of other offenses.

    What you see on Reality TV is only a small fraction of people being caught as police are not everywhere at once and no amount of technology can replace the *human* factor of policing.

  • Cant obtain one

    I was adopted at age 9, both parents are deceased. Have no proof of birth certificate to link my name. Federal law is making it harder for us to get one. Especially women. I have one, why cant they link mine to when issued. Too hard on us. Thank you

  • It's Unconsitutional

    Those rights not specifically granted to the Federal Government are relegated to the states. The Constitution seems to be an inconvenient document for those in power. It's there to protect the people. The more control the Federal Government has over our lives, the less freedom we the people have.

  • I oppose federal drivers licenses, because that is a state's responsibility.

    Federal driver's licenses would remove the ability of local or state governments to revoke licenses, making it a federal procedure and reducing the speed and effectiveness of states to monitor their own roads. The more federal involvement there is in any particular civic right or responsibility, the more the bureaucracy has to expand costing more money. I believe that this is a state issue, since the Constitution does not give this authority to the federal government.

    Posted by: CageyGerry70
  • The federal government already has far too many powers and, thus, driver's licenses should remain a realm of the states.

    While it is sensible to have a national standard or rules for all driver's licenses, they should remain the responsibility of individual states. If the federal government took over driver's licenses, it would only add to the bureaucracy and distance from the citizen. It is better to leave it with the states, and not have the federal government overstep its authority.

    Posted by: EminentBennett93
  • The federal government should not issue drivers licenses, because driving and traffic safety are issues for the state.

    Individual states have always maintained control over traffic laws, safety and enforcement. As a country, we value limiting the ability of a centralized government to control our lives, and so most local, individual issues are handled by local authorities. That is why, even if you are speeding on a federal highway, your ticket will be issued by a state or local authority. While we have come to see drivers licenses as being uniform identification, in fact, they are intended simply to license people to drive. Like other issues surrounding driving and cars, this is best left to the states. The federal government can, if they want, offer incentives to states to meet certain standards in their licenses.

    Posted by: BusyEduardo75
  • Not every state is the same and, thus, uniform federal drivers licenses do not make sense.

    A federal drivers license program is a bad idea, because each state may have its own requirements. It is different to drive in Florida, than it is driving in Ohio, so, states need to have different driving licenses to address those issues. Just ask yourself if anyone would need to learn how to parallel park in Nebraska.

    Posted by: FiveGlen35
  • The federal government does not need to be involved in licensing drivers, because the states would be the ones enforcing the laws anyway.

    Since the federal government has a whole lot more to be concerned about than issuing driver's licenses, they should definitely not get involved in issuing them. The states have the infrastructure already established, and they are the ones that enforce driving laws, so they should be in control and remain in control of this process. Also, with federal driver's licenses, there would have to be a federal policing force to enforce the laws and regulations that applied across all states, which would be just another bloating of the governmental bureaucracy.

    Posted by: MariaR
  • I think that driver licenses should be administered by the states, as I don't feel that the Federal Government needs to add to anything else they already do at this time.

    I do not believe that the Federal Government should take over the issuing of driver licenses from the individual states. This is a matter that can be better handled locally. The Federal Government already has its hands too full with the problems of the economy at the present time. We do not need to add more bureaucracy in Washington. We need to get rid of some of it instead.

    Posted by: R0d0Ferdy
  • Individual states should continue regulating driver licenses.

    Having worked for the Department of Motor Vehicles, I am fully aware of the safeguards in place as well as the security breaches that exist with regard to driver licenses. There are many security features embedded in licenses that override the amount of safeguards one particular (e.g., federal) license can offer. Keep in mind that passports, social security cards, and other federal documents are subject to many security risks. They are misused and tampered with often. Therefore, a federally issued driver license replacing the current state-to-state license is not the answer.

    Posted by: bandita

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