Should State Department issue the full video of embarrassing press conference?

  • Yes, they are so corrupt it is not even funny.

    The classic Clinton model: Delay, Deny, Defame, Defy. At least Psaki didn't say "At this point, what difference does it make?" Maybe that excuse is reserved for cabinet-level BS. This is part and parcel of why a vast majority of Americans do not trust any politician. It is obvious based on current and past history if Hillary Clinton is elected this type of continue subterfuge will only continue. A perfect storm of her and her ilk's making, set in place to doom her coronation. No wonder Trump and Sanders have taken over the narrative and interest of voters.

  • The public needs to see everything.

    As if politics were not silly enough this day and age, we need to see the full extent of their silliness. That type of stuff is news worthy. These are the people making decisions for us and we need to see what they are doing with our tax dollars. Release the full video.

  • Yes, transparency is key

    The State Department has a responsibility to release the full video of their recent embarrassing press conference. In such matters, transparency is key and any attempts to censor or otherwise hide the press conference could cause the public to lose confidence in the honesty of the Department as a whole.

  • People need all of the information.

    The State Department works for the people, so the people deserve to see what they are doing. After all, our taxpayer dollars are funding this organization. They should release the full video so people can have all of the information and understand what is really going on. Transparency is key.

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