Should state governments be allowed to impose high taxes on solar energy users?

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  • Sounds like somebody needs an audit.

    I assume they are still making a profit on "normal" customers because they are going to charge enough per KWH to cover the cost of fuel.
    I also assume they charge solar customers more for taking energy than they pay if the customer generates extra energy.
    The utility should be saving money on fuel as more solar customers are added. Where is that extra money going? An independent audit might uncover some creative bookkeeping.

  • State Governments Should Provide Incentives for Solar Power Usage

    Solar power is one of the cleanest, most readily available forms of energy we have available today. Because of these benefits, it should be encouraged at all levels of government for long term energy security and availability. Solar power has a high initial cost to purchase and install the equipment, and higher taxes will only prevent more people from converting to solar power.

  • Why would you deter such a positive

    Imposing high taxes on solar energy users would be the single most irresponsible thing the government could do. Anyone who has taken the initiative to use solar panels to obtain clean energy should be applauded. There should be rebates and tax deductions to encourage this usage. That would be the most common sense thing to do.

  • Solar energy saves the environment

    Solar energy is a clean source of fuel that does not harm the environment. People who use solar energy are playing an important role in saving our planet. They should not be penalised for trying to keep our air and water clean for the pollution caused by fossil fuels. State governments should refrain from placing higher taxes on these people.

  • Solar energy should be encouraged by states

    State governments should not be allowed to impose high taxes on solar energy users because solar energy is a good alternative to other sources of energy (such as coal and oil) that cause global warming and environmental problems. State governments should give people or businesses tax incentives for using solar energy instead.

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