Does the state have the right to teach parents how to raise their children?

  • Yes, it does.

    Parenting is a social function that affects everyone. The way a child is raised has a direct impact on other people, nay, the entire society. We all like to believe that it is the job of the parents to raise the child right, we say that, but the moment something happens that the parent doesn't wanna take responsibility for they find someone else to pin it on. You have the school, the church, their friends, the television, "that damn rap music", the Spiderman movie... And the list goes on and on. And the reason the parent can go find these things to pin it on is because it cannot be denied that all these different things, these different institutions, have a direct impact on the child's education and development. And try as you might, he WILL go out into the world, he WILL HAVE TO interact with other things and other people and he CAN ruin or better their lives. Negative or positive effect depends on whether child was raised right. Parents, in most cases, haven't the first clue of how to prepare for the task of raising them up, as well as going about it, unless they read books and do research. The State providing these classes ensures that every child has a competent parent raising him, which every child deserves.
    And because the state will be directly affected by this child's rearing, the state should get a vote.

  • In certain ways

    There would be definite pros to required, state mandated child raising classes. Some people never have to take care of younger siblings or other young children to learn basics such as feeding, potty training, and diaper changing. These basic skills could easily be covered in a short class. There would have to be limits, though, so that things such as religion do not influence the class.


    The state has NO right to teach parents how to raise their children because a GULF of separation exists between sacred institution (family) and secular institution (state), parental status earns them ALL rights regarding the upbringing of their children and forbids the state to interfere except if invited by the parents, Children belong to their parents and NOT to their government, and parents have greater interest in children becoming moral and successful as adults and greater risk for their failure.

  • Absolutely no way

    Parents should have the right to teach their children however they please. Lately however, public schools have been teaching things contrary to parent's wishes. That is called indoctrination but a parent has the right to indoctrinate their own kids and yes that even includes teaching them to be racist as bad as that is.

  • No, it does not

    No, I do not agree that the state has the absolute right to teach parents how to raise their children. However, I believe that it would be responsible for the state to make resources available to parents on how to raise their children. In normal and healthy situations, I don't think the state should have more control than the parent.

  • No, it does not.

    Generally, I do not believe that the state has a right to dictate how parents raise their children as long as the children are being taken care of adequately and there is no abuse taking place. However, many very young and poor parents may be at a disadvantage as new parents and I do believe it would be advantageous if there were more optional state-run parenting classes offered free of charge for those who need them.

    Posted by: bri
  • No, they do not.

    In a general sense, no they do not. Parents should be able to teach their children and raise their kids however they wish, within reason. By within reason I mean, as long as it does not cause harm towards the child, or will have a jarring effect on them as they get older.

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