Should states be able to collect sales tax on goods sold online?

  • Yes it will become the only way to shop soon

    Why should we not it is the same as if it is being sold in a store and pretty soon it will become the main way that we shop we already spend millions of dollars on-line each year and we should just keep collecting tax and get the hang of it before it is the main way of shopping

  • Congress Has Authority to Regulate Commerce and Set Taxes

    One of the beauties of shopping online is a reduction in sales tax. Yet one of the powers of Congress is to regulate interstate commerce. Sales taxes are a fact of life in America and online retailers should also pay sales taxes. In some cases such as Amazon, sales taxes originate from the physical location of where the item is sold as opposed to where it is delivered. Not all companies pay sales tax, depending upon where they are located. A federal amendment can clear up loopholes companies use to get around paying sales tax.

  • Check the law in your state -- You already own this tax

    Most states that impose a sales tax on its residents apply that tax to online and mail order purchases, too. These citizens have a legal responsibility to file for and pay taxes related to such purchases when they complete their annual tax return. Many people do not keep records of these purchases, and do not pay the tax they legally owe. Many states want online retailers to collect the taxes for them and sent them to the state treasury. For small online merchants, this is an administrative burden that they cannot afford. The question is not if states should be able to collect the tax; instead, who should have the responsibility and bear the cost?

  • Online goods should be taxed by the state that the sale originated from

    Goods that are sold online should be taxable by the state in order to create revenue just the same as goods that are sold in stores and shops. Also, taxing the sale of goods online will maintain commerce throughout the state by not making it more attractive for businesses to merely close up shop and sell all of their merchandise online.

  • Online Should Be Exempt

    No, states should not be able to collect sales tax on goods sold online. States should only be allowed to collect sales tax from traditional brick and mortar stores that are based in the particular state. If an online store has no physical presence in a particular state, then that state should not be allowed to collect any tax on it. Online sales need to remain exempt.

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