• Absolutly every state and terrotorium should be allowed to secede.

    The white people are suffering undeer america's anti- white regime. It is only logicsl that white states break off and form their own union. The black people and leftwingers hate white people. Affirmative action, Black on white crime, BLM it has been more then enough. The white right wing american needs to secede.

  • You lost and can't admit defeat

    Its called democracy and its called voting. The constitution can even be ratified because that is how the system is set up. Even the second amendment can be changed in the possible future.
    People were sore losers when Lincoln won and they refused to let black people be equal. They lost and they were put back in their place.

    All the people who hated trump and tried to impeach him tried legally but failed because that is how the democratic process works.
    You refuse to acknowledge that way more people want something that you disagree with. They are not your mother to bend to your will they voted for change and for different laws.
    White people are afraid because Asians will replace them in colleges and black people in sports and their illusion of power and supremacy is fading away. All they can do is try to pass draconian measures and laws to keep them in power but that is changing.
    Trump will be gone in 4 more years and your racist mayor will die of old age. A turban or hijab wearing person will replace them.

    Go ahead do a Lebaron style revolt I will see you on the news and smile.

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