• Its no union if the partners are unwilling.

    Should women be allowed to say no to a man they are "in a relationship" with? Does a bear shit in the woods? If you can opt out of its military, You should damn sure be allowed to secede. There are states opting not to follow federal law … but those same people are the ones who came barging down to the south to "take back" what they thought they owned. Well at least there used to be a time where people drew a line in the dirt on that. You couldn't get 1000 people with that much integrity in the same room now if you tried.

  • Yes, Most certainly!

    Our country has already been divided. No one can get along, And many cannot respect others' opinion. The Democrats and the GOP seldom compromise, And it oftentimes seems as if we are on the verge of breaking out into a civil war. There is only hate. It would be simpler if we split into to countries. How about the United States of America and the United States of BLM? Lol.

  • No, Because there is federal land in every state.

    Since every state contains some land owned by the federal government, Seceding is out of the question. In 1861 the "actual" civil war began when troops allied to South Carolina attacked and seized Fort Sumter, Which was a federal possession. With that precedent set, No current US state could be allowed to secede.

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