• Yes it should

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  • I know college should be free

    Colleges should be free because want a good paying job for them self and when you get out of high school you will save for money for about a year and then go and what happen if you not good at that school what happen if you get strait f hmm so that money wash down the drain so it should be no MONEY

  • It is only fair!

    If there is anyone out there like me, they know their parents will not be able to pay for college. This leaves students to pay for college on their own. This could be extremely difficult because most likely the person is already paying insurance for their vehicle. Also, chances are that if the student is at least eighteen years of age, they are living on their own and have to pay bills on their house. This may leave the student with no choice but to not go to college. This way, gradually but firmly, brings students to greater responsibilities. It has also been proven that it can happen because some colleges are already free to attend.

  • It's Been Done

    Look up Alice Lloyd College they're free and in business or College of the Ozarks also free and in business As-well as Berea College FREE they get their money from donations and awards these are FACTS. These colleges are all located in the U.S.A so think about that when voting.

  • I feel that college should be free to attend

    College should be free because a person attend college to make living for themselves and start company to open jobs a person shouldn't have to go I dept. To do that. The government should even pay the people like doctors and cops because thy are the people that make this country what it is and America is truly great

  • Yes it should

    There are a couple of colleges that I would love to attend but have no hope of affording. It would be nice to have that opportunity. I mean, as a poor person.(I consider myself poor) Going through all these struggles a free education is not asking for too much I think.

  • In Nirvana, Yes! In reality, No!

    It goes against the free-market that the US is built on. Anything free creates no motivation to do better. As stated above, it would lower the quality of education. America doesn't have low test scores because of lack of education. Its because of the culture, or mindset of the people.

  • What about the professors?

    I say no, college can not be free, because then professors would not get paid, and they would find a different job, and then no one could go to college because let's be honest people, we just don't have that many people that are kind enough to teach students out of the goodness of their hearts. It would never work.

  • No, please, no.

    Public college shouldn't be free to attend, since standards would be lower, and the quality of the education will drop. If a college is free, the income for instructors will be less. Good teachers will want better income, and will leave, while less qualified professors who will work for less will teach students.

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