Should states deny social welfare benefits to impoverished citizens with drug felony convictions?

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  • No, states should not deny social welfare benefits to impoverished citizens with drug felonies.

    It is my opinion that impoverished citizens with drug felony convictions should still be allowed the right to social welfare. Despite the fact those citizens have had a hard past, or may be going through a difficult time of addiction, they are still people who are in need of help. The welfare may be what they need to start getting better so they can get past this obstacle in their life.

  • An Awful Idea

    Poor citizens who suffer from drug addiction are much more in need of welfare benefits than more well to do citizens who do not suffer from drug addiction.

    It is easy for politicians to scapegoat those at the bottom rungs of society- prostitutes, drug addicts, minorities- but this practice is neither moral nor useful.

  • Absolutely Not - Double Jeopardy in a Sense

    This question does not state whether or not drug testing should be a part of the process required to receive governmental funded assistance, it asks whether these benefits should be denied citizens with criminal convictions for felony drug use on their records. Absolutely not. They are not one in the same question. Since this debate is not about the question of testing, there is no rightful reason to withhold benefits from a needy individual because they have a mistake (or multiple) in their past. Positive test for drug use a criteria for assistance denial? Maybe. Past history or background? Never.

  • No, social welfare should be given to all in need.

    The simple fact of the matter is that all people in need should be looked at the same. Some that have a felony drug conviction may have quit or may still use but that is not the duty of the government to decide whether or not they are deserving enough for assistance.

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