• Just like how each state has decided whether they want to legalize marijuans or not

    If we want to reduce government meddling of our lives, Each state should decide whether they want to have a lower drinking age than 21. People under 21 already drink and most of the world has a drinking age of 18 if not lower. The US is the only country where a teenager can enlist into the military but can’t enjoy a drink.

  • States know what's best for their people

    New York may want to have a drinking age of 21 while Texas wants to lower it to 18, meanwhile Alaska wants to lower it to 16. In other words, each individual state knows what's best for their citizens and the federal government shouldn't be making these laws for them. It's almost like having a completely different parent teaching your kids do's and dont's, while you know them best and know everything they need but the other parent doesn't. Each state would know what they were doing if they made their own laws such as drinking age.

  • No they shouldn't

    Kids are going to drive across borders to get to a state where they can get drunk and then get back on the road, endangering everyone. We'll have to enforce laws and create customs offices between states as a result, spending even more money, which would be rather annoying. :)

  • Why is the Legal Drinking Age 21 in the United States? Http://www.Legalflip.Com/Article.Aspx?Id=20&pageid=91

    The Federal Government passed the NMDAA in 1984 and has saved thousands of lives.

    It is only young punks, the liquor and bar industries that only care about profits, not saving lives.

    Cops should be outside of all sports bars and night clubs on the weekends with road blocks doing breathalyer tests on everyone. Thousands would be charged with DUIs each weekend.

    Too much drinking and drugs, especial marijuana are huge problems in the world, with more and more teens becoming drug and alcohol abusers daily; it is the new culture that all Americans must ban together and stop with more laws and enforcement and treatment for the kids. Talk to any guidance counselor or public social worker and you will get the truth about how pandemic are the problems with marijuana, Alcohol, and harder illegal drug abuse in American, starting in grade school.

    Too many people drink too much and drive. Over 16,000 are murdered each year in the USA by drunk drivers and hundreds of thousands injured; about 70,000 or more in the world are murdered each year by drunk drivers.

    Bars and restaurants should be prohibited from serving anyone more than one drink per hour; and they should be fined if caught serving more, and closed if it happens more than once. But, the Liquor, bar, and restaurant industries are very powerful, and they bribe politicians. It take groups like MADD - Mothers Against Drunk Drivers to organize and fight those industries and politicians.

    Same thing with Marijuana, if a cop stops you and thinks your are on drugs, he should have the right to take you to a clinic for a blood, urine or hair test, Which if it is positive, you go to jail; but, that is not allowed; but breathalzer alcohol test are. That has to be changed.

    President Ronald Reagan signed into effect the National Minimum Drinking Age Act (NMDAA) in 1984. The NMDAA is an example of an "unfunded federal mandate." A "federal mandate" is a federal law that orders the states to do (or not do) something or face the possibility of being penalized in some other way. Federal mandates can also be either be "funded" or "unfunded." A funded federal mandate gives the states money to assist them in carrying out the mandate. An unfunded federal mandate does not give the states any money. In other words, the states have to enforce the unfunded federal mandate without any additional money from the federal government.

    Prior to passing NMDAA of 1984, there were many studies conducted on the effects of alcohol on younger people. Several studies determined that a youth’s brain is not fully developed until around age 21, and alcohol affects youth’s brains differently than it does adults. In addition, many special interest groups promoted NMDAA. Perhaps the most influential special interest group for NMDAA was Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). MADD claims that the higher minimum legal drinking age has saved thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of lives.

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