• Take care of our own state first

    States should provide for their own people first,as should the goverment. We need to make sure that every child has a home to call their own, instead of sending money to people overseas. Their are children that are starving in every state of the United States. We have the money to make sure that every child and person does not go hungry and yet they still do. Why?

  • homeless are human

    I believe the state should do more to avoid homelessness,I believe they should do more job provide more education and avoid more illegal immigrant to continue to cross the boarder.i also think if the rent and other human needs go down will help prevent homelessness and also if minimum wage goes up too.

  • The government should make irradicating homelessness a priority.

    Governments should not allow people to be forced into homelessness. Many homeless people are children, elderly people, or people who are mentally ill. These members of society should be protected and have to live on the streets. People who are homelessness are often unable to find work due to their lack of a place to live, which makes it almost impossible for them to break the cycle of poverty. States have to do more to combat homelessness. They have to keep doing more until homelessness is completely eliminated.

  • Yes, homlessness is a stain on our society.

    The states must help people who are homeless, as well as help people from becoming homeless. Homelessness has become all to common in our society, even to a point where the majority of the population does not think it is a major concern.

    In my opinion, the best way that the states can help combat homelessness is to help organizations that are already out there helping the homeless, either by giving them financial support or material support such as, clothes, housing, food and so on.

  • Everyone has an opportunity to be successful.

    Think of it like this:

    Every American Citizen has a right to a free public education from K-12

    If they give 100 effort, attend extra help with teachers, and read on their own, they should AT LEAST be able to get into a good university with a generous scholarship.

    While in college if they remain focused on their goals they will be able to achieve a high GPA. This includes but is not limited to, attending professor office hours, on campus tutoring, study groups, reading the textbook, reading supplementary materials Etc. with this they should be able to achieve at LEAST a 3.5

    With this high GPA they will be competitive candidates for graduate school where they can become experts in their fields. With this high GPA they should not have a problem getting into Law school, medical school, phd programs, masters programs, Etc.

    When they are finished with their educations they will have the ability to join the work force making significantly more that those with just a high school diploma and will not have any financial issues for their lifetime.

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