• Yes, more control.

    I feel that states should be able to have a bit more control over the sales of alcoholic beverages. I think that they should try to follow Federal guidelines, but what works in the north, might not work in the south and vice versa. I have no problem with alcohol sale laws currently.

  • States Need to Control the Vices Better

    I do not think that manufacturers and sellers should be allowed to sell any vices, in this case alcoholic beverages, without regulation. Alcohol is too destructive to our society to not be controlled. Blue laws work at reducing consumption without producing a climate of prohibition. If anything, states should not allow advertising of vices either.

  • Give the states the power

    Each state should be able to control the sale of alcohol in their state due to the fact that every state is different. Each states population has their own thoughts and feelings and will want different things. By the national government controlling this aspect it leaves areas where problems could occur and escalate to levels that are not good.

  • I Support Less Control

    I believe states should have less control over the sales of alcoholic beverages. I believe the varying state laws show signs of the past that really need to erased. For example, in Davidson County, Tennessee, you can't buy any alcohol on Sunday. Why is that? If church and state are separate, why is Sunday the one day of the week you can't buy alcohol. In Missouri, you can't buy alcohol during the morning hours on Sunday. It's convenient that the time coincides with the same time as Christian Churches. In my opinion these laws simply aren't necessary and they are a sign that church and state are not separated.

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