• Yes, States should have the last word on same-sex marriage and multiple other issues.

    Yes, States should have the last word on same sex marriage... as well as legalizing marijuana, gun control, illegal immigration, etc. The cultures in each state are vastly different in our country, what works in California may not be the best option for Nebraskans because of the economic, religous, and political backgrounds of its residents. It is very difficult for the Federal government to pass an "end all, be all" law that would make all states happy. It's more effective and "by the people" when the states govern themselves under the guidance of the federal government and the constitution.

  • Yes, states should have the final say in gay marriage.

    The Supreme Court recently laid down the law of the land with a 5-4 decision in favor of legalizing gay marriages. However, the constitution leaves the last word to the states. Although in my personal opinion all states should allow gay marriages, it is up to the state in the end whether or not a gay couple can marry.

  • No, but not because I agree with gay marriage.

    I don't support gay marriage, but I am not a homophobe either. In other words, I think government should get out of marriage period. Keep it as a religious or personal value, let your religion or your own personal views tell you what marriage is, not what the government thinks it is. If you want to marry someone of the same sex that's your own business, not the government's. Just as it is if you disagree with gay marriage. Same principle.

  • No one should have a word

    Who are we to say who can and can't get married. Marriage is about love and wanting to go into a life long devotion to one another. To ban same-sex marriage is completely hypocritical of our government(s). They want to remove God from everything.. The pledge, schools, courtrooms, etc., yet they keep making same-sex marriage an issue. With everything that is wrong in this world, they want to focus on marriage. Every politician from the smallest, to the highest ranking need to grow up.

  • No they should not.

    No government entity should have any say on marriage of any kind. I wish the government would pull completely out of marriage. Remove all subsidies, tax benefits, incentives, everything, and just let cultures govern their own notions of marriage. And that is all that I have to say about that.

  • Washington has the Last Word

    States have their own judiciary right to govern their territories as they see fit under the guidelines of the United States of America. Although the states, individually, may create laws based on their inhabitants' opinions, the United States Government as a whole will always have the last word. Other matters may be acceptable to leave to the jurisdiction of the state, but once the executive branch of the United States Government makes a decision for what is believed to be better for the country as a whole, the country must stand behind it. To undermine this executive decision of nationwide same-sex marriages would be the first step in the fall of our government.

  • No I disagree

    I think the right to marry -whomever you want - is a constitutional issue and therefore should be a federal issue and not delegated to the states. It's a human right, not a state law. People are human beings, gay or straight, it doesn't matter and everyone should be treated as such.

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