• Murder is not right, under any circumstances, and abortion is murder.

    It really comes down to consequence, really. Should women have the right to shirk their responsibilities of motherhood? Sometimes, it's just time for people to have to grow up. If they weren't ready to be a responsible parent, then maybe they should have kept their legs closed. Sometimes, you have to learn a lesson the hard way.

    Posted by: DullBenito
  • States have a right to ban abortion since abortion is effectively murder.

    When a foetus is created the genetic material of two parents forms together to make a unique being.

    Now if we go one step futher and look at a foetus biologically we see that we are taught to look at things biologically in a hollistic perspective. So for example we are taught to see both a cacoon and a butterfly as the same species or being. Therefore if we look at a foetus biologically it is a human, the only difference is the stage of development.

    Since it is a human it has the undenied right to life.

    While the foetus is a temporary body part of the mother it is not permanent nor is it needed like praticularly every other body part like the lungs or heart.

    Although the foetus is still being supported, when we look at this in a legal perspective we see that people on life support still have the right to life.

    Therefore gentically, biologically, and legally the foetus is a human being with a right to life. Which means that states deserve the right to ban abortion since the foetus is in actual fact a human.

    Posted by: pete
  • All cases outside of involuntary acts, acts between close family members, and cases where the life of the mother is in danger.

    If you choose to participate in those type of acts, you should be expected to deal with the consequences. People say that you have the right to do what you want with your own body, and that is 100% true. However, when it deals with another human, whether inside the womb or outside, you have NO right to take away their rights.

    That's essentially like saying you can kick you children out of the house to live on the street because it is your house, your property, your choice, and you get to determine who lives there. You do have those rights, and it is your property, but rights are limited when exercising them means harming somebody else.

  • Abortion is Murder

    People go to jail and even get the death penalty for killing another individual. Well, when a women gets an abortion, it is the act of killing an individual. Which is murder. Abortion should not be legal, if you don't want a baby then use condoms and get on birth control.

  • States once had this right.

    Initially the Federal government was only established to unite the differing state governments enacting the Constitution as the law of the land. Since the Constitution is vague, the bill of rights was placed to protect the rights of the individuals and the state governments. To deal with only the most important issues, the federal government left the states to figure out what public laws people should follow. To bypass dealing with Congress and the state, this right to ban abortion was stripped from states by the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court was really only there to balance and check the other branches of the federal government and instead interfered with state laws which only Congress can legally do. While it is fine that the outcome was protecting individual rights, the states' rights were trampled upon as well as public debate and opinion to conform to a few individuals' perspective on abortion rights that may later change.

  • It is selfish

    Yes, It may not be alive yet but a mother's job is to nurture and care for their young when they are vulnerable. To abort a child IS TO MURDER A CHILD. It may not be a child yet but it has the potential to be one. The moment that the egg was fertilized IT WILL BE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to help and watch your child/children develop into beings and contribute to the ever developing human society. One way of abortion is called a Dilation and Evacuation abortion or D&E this form along with any form of abortion is barbaric. They remove a limb at random from the fetus with a clamp one by one through the canal. Then the remaining innards are removed. Afterwards the head and it's precious brain held within is crushed by the clamp and removed. The placenta and anything remaining is removed by suction from the uterus. Yes it is not our business to decide what you should do to your body but there is a point when you put your child at risk it is needed to intervene for the welfare of the human. If you believe in human rights you would not have a abortion because you would believe that every human should have a equal chance of life. You cannot remove a potential life from this Earth if it impacts you in a minor way, the only reason to have a abortion is if you are raped, the mother's life is at risk if she gives birth. The majority of cases in abortion are entirely selfish and only abort to make themselves avoid a social situation or make sure that their child does not impact their financial or academic career. Abortions are also seen to impact the mother's life as when they get older they have a higher chance of getting cancer. In conclusion abortion is a uncivilized, barbaric and utterly stupid act. If you do not want the child give it to an orphanage and if you do not want to be seen pregnant in the majority of cases it is your fault. You got pregnant, you were not paying attention so do not make the innocent child suffer for your actions that is selfish.

  • Abortion should absolutely be banned in all states, because killing a baby inside the womb is the same as killing a baby outside the womb.

    Abortion should never even be an option for expectant mothers. Those unborn children don't have a voice of their own, and it's unfair to end their lives like this. The gift of life is a miracle in itself, and should be cherished. And in the case of rape victims, although they may not have "wanted" a baby, this is where adoption NEEDS to be an option.

    Posted by: ChasityJ
  • I support a state's right to ban abortions because abortions are nothing more than a vaguely legal form of murder.

    Currently in the U.S. legal system if an individual murders a pregnant woman they can be charged with two counts of murder, one for the mother and one for the fetus. If you can be charged with murder for the death of an unborn child than abortions should also count as murder. Therefore, states should be allowed to ban abortion as they so wish. It is preposterous to think that the federal government can call killing and unborn child murder when it allows legal abortions. The federal government should have no impact on what a state chooses to do regarding abortion as it is murder and they should have the right to criminalize the practice.

    Posted by: VampireShu
  • Abortion is really a states issue, they have every right to ban it or keep it legal.

    Something a lot of Americans don't know is the states have a lot of rights guaranteed by the constitution. Legislating abortion is one of them, one the federal government has no right to be meddling in. Different states having different rights is one thing that makes America great. If you don't like the laws of one state, you can move to the other.

    Posted by: RayEar
  • Is the conservative perspective any less important than that of ONE part of The United States?

    If one or two more conservative based states with lower income and pull in the national government choose to outlaw it according to the beliefs of its people. Why should it matter to the Supreme Court? No one idea dominates the ENTIRE population of the US. If one people should choose to do so, it would make sense to let them voice their opinion over some of the larger states

  • N.E.V.E.R.

    im sorry, is the government pregnant with an unwanted child? didnt think so. no one can tell a woman weather to have her baby or not. its her choice, no one elses. get it straight people!!!! people on the yes side saying "its murder" get over yourself. if america is the land of the free, why take away womens righht to choose weather to keep her baby or not?

  • Abortion is a human right, banning it would be the same as banning the right to have sex.

    Abortion is a human right that no bible thumping maniacs should impose on. A woman should not have to travel across a country, or even across a border to access this service. It is her body, and she can do with it whatever she pleases. Mistakes happen, and if you think going through an abortion isn't punishment enough for that mistake, you need to do some research.

    Posted by: 4uncLife
  • States shouldn't interfere with a woman's body.

    This debate will go on forever, or at least until unplanned pregnancies exist. It's a very personal decision and the debate is a matter of opinion. In the US we have basic human rights and they shouldn't be messed with.

    Posted by: Ramon Griffith
  • The Supreme Court has already determined that abortion is a federally sanctioned right by the Constitution.

    States should not be allowed to ban abortions, as the right has already been determined to be provided by the US Constitution by the Supreme Court. There is no need to revisit the issue as the pressure to forbid its practice primarily comes from religious groups. Our constitution protects its citizens from any one church doctrine dictating law.

    Posted by: P3nrIin
  • States should not have the right to ban abortion as that could jeopardize the life & safety of women.

    The States should not have the right to ban abortion. This could possibly violate the separation of church and State, as the reasoning of those wishing to ban abortion is often religious in nature. There are too many cases where a woman may be in danger of losing her life if she goes through with a pregnancy, due to various health complications. Of course, there is also a more gray area of those who became pregnant through rape or assault & may have emotional trauma by going through the pregnancy, etc. In either case, women may go to desperate measures when abortion is illegal -- using dangerous methods that may take their lives in the process. This could also cause a rise in criminal activity by opportunists using the law to perform 'back alley' abortions, which would become a tax on the criminal justice system.

    Posted by: MitP4rty
  • I do not believe that it is the government's place to decide what a woman can and cannot do with her own body.

    I do not believe that it is the government's place to decide what a woman can and cannot do with her own body. Personally, I would not get an abortion except in an extreme case but I reserve my right to decide that point for myself. I do not want my state, or country to make that decision for me by limiting my access to health care.

    Posted by: NatBIab
  • State rights should never supersede Constitutionally granted rights.

    State rights should never supersede those granted by the Constitution. Abortion is at heart an issue of choice in terms of one's own body - not an issue of murder. So individual states should not have the right to establish their own laws regulating or forbidding a medical procedure of any kind, including the controversial practice of abortion.

    Posted by: Th4Fire
  • I do not believe states should have the right to ban abortion, it should be the choice of the mother.

    Abortion should be the choice of the mother, not the government. Many people are against abortion because of religious reasons and this is fine, but religion and the government should remain separate. These people who do not support abortions would be able to choose not to have them, while other women (who man not even be in a good situation to raise a child) could avoid the unnecessary hardship of pregnancy. I do not think that abortion is the same as murder, as an abortion done at an appropriate stage in the pregnancy does not affect a thinking and feeling human being.

    Posted by: emililuyx2
  • Abortion should be left up to women.

    The federal government should remain true to it's legalization of abortion since the 1973 case of roe versus wade. Justice harry Blackmun was absolutely right when he said it would be unconstitutional for anyone to parade on the right's of women and their decision to abort an unborn baby. There are multiple cases where abortion is the better choice to be made. One being an incident where a female has been raped and does not wish to carry the child of an unfortunate situation. In this case women can take the pill or go through early medical procedures that will remove the fetus or embryo from the womb of the woman before it has reached a stage of potential self-sufficient life form which can be possible between the twenty-second and twenty-fourth week of pregnancy. In addition to this, there are instances where the impregnated tissue which is supposed to turn into a fetus can become swollen and infected leading to a disease harmful to the woman known as a molar pregnancy. Many might say this situation is different because it did not actually become a baby, but those who insist life begins as soon as the sperm is planted into a woman's egg would then have no explanation behind the molar pregnancy. In this incident the mother would have to have the tissue removed in order to survive. A second disease that causes maternal deaths is the obstetric fistula disease where and egg contains sperm but withholds no dna. This is also harmful to the carrier and also needs the same procedures as the previously stated disease. Another incident where a woman may want an abortion is in the case that the doctor has gained knowledge that the birth of the child will result in defects, disorders, and any other harmful cases to the mother or child. In a common incident, and the final one I will mention, many women are subject to face the tragic incident where the survival of both her and her child is not possible, and that she is to choose between her own life and the life of her child. This topic is a very sensitive one that should not be so harshly criticized, especially for those of you who have no knowledge of the matter. It is not up to the state to ban abortion because by banning abortion they are choosing the life of the baby over the mother, they are choosing to allow women to suffer through life-threatening diseases that lead to death, they are choosing to tell women who are victims of rape that they are to keep the child regardless of the opportunity to remove the unborn baby before it has even reached a point of self-sustaining life on it's own. Women have the right by the constitution to abort their baby if they feel it is necessary. It is called human rights. It is the right of the woman to do as she pleases with her own body. For those who criticize women who have aborted babies due to personal religious beliefs-you have no idea what each individual has gone through to lead them to that choice and it is not for you to judge anyone here on earth because you have sinned just as the rest of the world has which makes you just the same according to your religion. For you women who have had abortions I have the most respect for you because to make such a life-changing decision such as that is very difficult and it is a very emotional process to get through, but you will make it through. Be strong women! Do not let the voice of others bring you down in times of pain. People should really be more sensitive to such issues as these and more open to understanding both sides of the issues. I understand the sensitivity people feel towards women who abort unborn babies because these babies have potential to walk this earth and have the same opportunities we do, but there is so much more to abortions than many people know. It is the individual's right to make that decision. Every one has their own opinion and we are each allowed to voice that opinion if it does not have threatening or attacking connotations behind it. And another thing-for the people who say it is considered killing, yes you are right. Any time something is destroyed it may be referred to as being killed. One can use the word kill in various ways. You can kill a beat, you can kill a fly, you can kill a deer, you can kill someone's hopes, you can kill a fetus, you can kill a human, you can kill a blade of grass. So just because women prefer not to say they are killing their baby does not mean they are shying away from the truth, like I said previously, abortion is a sensitive topic and I seriously wish people would hold back on the negative energy towards this topic because words do hurt and you never know what your words may do to the life of another. The states should hold no control over the banning of abortions because that is deprivation of a woman's rights and that's what it comes down to.

  • I believe that the states should not have the right to ban abortion.

    I think that this kind of decision for law should be taken on a higher level. It is not only matter of religious beliefs but also of social benefit. Sometimes abortion could be better both for the mother to be and the unborn baby. For instance, when there is some kind of illness which can be predicted before the baby is born or if the mother is too young to take care for her child. So I believe that such an important decision whether to band abortion or not should be taken by the government or by the people themselves, running a referendum, for instance.

    Posted by: XmcRio

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