• States should legalize assisted suicide.

    States should legalize assisted suicide. This should be a last resort when the patient has no other options and are going to be in pain and misery up until they die. I think if the patient, doctor and family all agree on it then it should be an option instead of pain.

  • It's a person's chioce

    Assisted suicide should be a decision made between one human being, who has every right to do whatever he or she wants with his or her body, and his or her physician. States should accept this and make sure it's tightly regulated and discourage suicide in everybody, but not discourage it legally.

  • I think that it’s about time that all of the states in America legalize assisted suicide.

    I think that it’s about time that
    all of the states in America legalize assisted suicide. People should have the freedom to end their lives
    if they are victims of terminal illnesses.
    It’s no different than a family having the right to pull the plug on a
    family member that is on life support.

  • States should legalize assisted suicide.

    Assisted suicide is an important civil right, and it should be legalized by the states. If someone has a terminal disease and there is no chance of recovery, sometimes it is the most humane thing to let people chose suicide. If the states do not allow it, people will just do it anyway in a non-clinical setting.

  • One Choice for Terminally Ill Patients

    Assisted suicide should be one option for terminally ill patients who have no way to remain alive for much longer. When hospice care and pain management are all that can be done for terminally ill cancer patients, assisted suicide can be one option instead of waiting for death to come. Death with dignity should be one choice of a patient's care.

  • Let the patient decide when life isn't worth living.

    PAS became legal this year in Vermont and is also legal in Oregon and Washington through Death with Dignity Acts. These acts are very strict and ensure that there is absolutely no room for mistake.
    There is a documentary (available on Netflix) titled “How to Die in Oregon”. It follows the lives of several Oregonians with terminal illnesses nearing the ends of their lives. One story is that of Cody Curtis. At the age of only 52 she was diagnosed with cancer that soon spread throughout her body, leading to unbearable pain and suffering. Cody said herself “I’ll know when life’s not worth living anymore. It’s really nice to have a way out, to die in comfort and with dignity." She was able to choose a peaceful, happy death surrounded by her closest friends and family.
    Under this act the patient will need to be diagnosed with a terminal illness and given under 6 months to live. The patient must make 2 oral requests separated by 15 days. They must then provide written request to his/her physician signed in the presence of two witnesses. The prescribing physician and a consulting physician determine if the patient is mentally capable; The physician must also inform the patient of feasible alternatives. Once they obtain the prescription there’s a 48 hour waiting period to obtain it. The prescription doesn’t have to be used.
    Many argue that physicians take the Hippocratic Oath to do no harm. The Hippocratic Oath also dictates not to perform surgeries or abortions. I think it is up to the patient to decide whether more harm is being done by being kept alive. When our dog or cat nears the end of their lives we don’t force them to stay alive and suffer. We do the humane and ethical thing, and end their suffering. So why are people any different? Near the end of life hospice and palliative care have not always been shown to prove effective and not everyone wants to die sedated and unaware of those around them. Many also say that a 6 month or less to live prognosis is not always accurate. These people don’t necessarily take their medication right away. It is more about autonomy and when they are no longer able to do things for themselves or live a satisfying pain-free life.
    We have the choice to remove life sustaining care and not to seek treatment, but why don’t we have the choice to decide when we know the time is right for us to die. I’m not saying this is a must for everyone and I respect anyone’s view who would never consider it. But I ask that everyone respect and show compassion for those courageous enough to choose this. This is not an easy decision. If these people had the choice they would be healthy and happy, but the sad fact is they’re not. I think it’s right that we allow them to gain back control over one last thing in their life.

  • Yes for assisted suicide

    Assisted suicide is a way to escape certain pain if diseased. I people don't get the right to die, do they really have the right to life? We should get a choice in your own death, because if we don't, some may take illegal actions to die, sometimes getting others in trouble with the law when they try to help. Ex: "The Angel of death"

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