Should states like Vermont and Texas be able to leave the U.S?

Asked by: WheezySquash8
  • 10th Amendment says it all!

    Of course they can! The States CREATED the federal government, that means they have a HIGHER AUTHORITY then the US government (in areas not specifically given to Congress). And the 10th Amendment says it all: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively or to the people." No where in the Constitution does it say that the federal government can prevent a State from leaving the Union, nor does it say the States have no right to leave it, therefore it is a RIGHT RESERVED to the State or to the people! They can decide for themselves to be part of the Union or not. The Civil War was ILLEGAL, the federal government had no authority to force the southern States to remain part of the Union. Don't get me wrong, slavery was VERY wrong and I'm glad it was abolished, but I am 100% for States rights and a SMALLER federal government that is RESTRAINED BY THE CONSTITUTION!

  • States should have the right to choose

    The United States became it's own separate entity because it separated from the "motherland". It would be extremely hypocritical to go back now and say that we don't believe in letting people choose their own fate. Although I am an advocate for self determination, I think Lincoln set the precedent that no state can leave even if they want to. By fighting the Confederates he basically said that no state can leave this union, a precedent that will forever be followed. "A house divided against itself cannot stand."

  • What can't they?

    If the people of any area ban together and say they want to join another country or form their own I believe they should be allowed to. But don't expect aid from the one they are leaving.

    It would be like living in a neighborhood that has rules if you didn't agree with them I believe you should not have to be apart of it.

    However, I also believe that if the people of a country think a certain area of land belongs to them then they should be able to fight for it and who ever wins should have the land.

  • Yes, under certain circumstances.

    Now, it's understandable to have a united union, I support that in times of prosperity. But when certain things happen it's permissible for a state to leave the union. But it should be permissible for a state to leave the Union if the the federal government is denying aid, favoring other states, and violating the constitution.

  • The states created the federal government, not the other way around.

    If the states willingly joined the union, they have the right to freely leave the union. The states were the ones that joined together to form the union - it is an association by choice, not by force. While it is convenient to have a united country, it shouldn't be coercive. If they want to leave, perhaps we should evaluate why and if this something shared amongst other states.

  • If the "strong central government" cant get it right, time to push out on your own..

    Texas is the worlds 15th largest economy. It could easily survive without the federal gov. The federal gov has been nothing but a burden to the people of Texas who otherwise would be better off without interference from it. They would not pose a military threat and without federal interference and regulation Texas could expand oil production etc, and actually lessen the burden of fuel prices on the rest of the US.

  • What does the U.S constitution say?

    The U.S constitution is silent on whether or not a state can leave the union. The omission allows both sides of the argument to say the constitution supports their position on the matter. Those who favor the secession of a state say that states can decide to separate because the U.S. Constitution does not expressly forbid it. People who are opposed to breaking up the country contend that since the constitution does not expressly provide for a state to leave the union, a state has no legal right to secede from the United States.

  • We Need To Stand Together

    States should not be able to leave the U.S because we're called the United States for a reason you know.During hard times like this, we need to work together to solve our issues and not just leave.The union needs to stay together.If we don't, what will happen to us in the future?

  • It sends a really bad message to the rest of the world

    It would look terrible if states started separating. What about our troops? Other nations could easily take over states like Texas despite how wealthy they are. You think Vermont could fend for itself? Without U.S. support there's nothing states could do to defend themselves. People should compromise, we're united not divided. I do agree there should be more state rights but that doesn't mean you should succeed.

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Ragnar says2013-06-12T19:24:13.250
Wasn't this already decided by the Civil War?