Should states move from foster care adoption back to the use of orphanages?

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  • No, I don't think States should move from foster care back to orphanages.

    I think as long as the foster family is loving and caring it's much better for a child then a orphanage, we generally moved away from orphanages because they provided a lower quality of life for the child then the foster system does so I don't see why we would move back.

  • Orphanges are not as personal as foster care

    No, I do not think that states should move from foster care back to the use of orphanages. Orphanages are so impersonal and they have the feel of a child farm or a prison. They are waiting for someone to claim them or just until they are old enough to be cast out on their own. At least in a foster care the child has someone closer than a warden.

  • That would be a horrifying mistake.

    There would be no advantages from moving from foster care back to orphanages. There is absolutely no justification for warehousing children. It's soul sucking, soul destroying, to put kids in a situation where they have no caring, loving adults around them. There is not a thing I would change about the current foster system.

  • Out of the frying pan

    Neither foster care adoptions nor orphanages are ideal choices for abandoned children, but foster care is the better alternative of the two as long as it is strictly controlled and regulated by the government to ensure that no issues with foster parents come up. Orphanages are never an ideal situation for a child to be in.

  • No, America shouldn't use orphanages.

    I do not think that America should fore go foster care adoption and start using orphanages again. I think that the foster care program is something that works and is the best thing possible for kids without parents. I think orphanages would just be too emotionally difficult for a lot of children.

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