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  • Driving Age 21

    I personally think that the states should raise the driving age for 21 years old because young children at the age 16 majority of that particular age group has a lot of car accidents. I personally think that the states should raise the driving age for 21 years of age because of how crazy this society is.

  • No, not to 21.

    I do think the driving age should be raised to the age of 18 though, because you are, on average, much more developed in every way by the age of 18. One, because you are nearing the end of puberty and, 2, because of societal pressure to be a responsible adult.

  • Children can't rely on parents forever.

    No, states should not raise the driving age to 21 years of age, because children cannot depend on their parents forever. Children need to be able to drive each other around. When teenagers are in crashes, it is usually due to inexperience, not youth. Teenagers have to learn how to drive at some point.

  • No it should not

    No, I think that where the driving age is now is perfectly fine, and that a sixteen year old is perfectly able to drive. If it were raised to twenty one, how would students drive back and forth to college if they were trying to better their education past high school.

  • It should be an age lower than that required to legally work

    Basically, if a person can be responsible for their life, work for a living, they need the option of the autonomy that goes along with being able to drive. To raise the legal driving age would be to basically hamper the economy, and rob perfectly responsible, capable people of the ability to move about freely.

  • Nope and nope

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  • No they should not raise it up

    Because people that are not 21 have to go to collage or go to their part time jobs they probably dont have a ride or someone to take them to where they need to go 15 years old need to drive because they are savage an they wont be scared if they get pulled over.

  • No the driving age should not be raised to 21

    No because then you would need other family members to drive you around and that would be tarible so no one should have that pain plus what would you do if you just got your licens and then its gone because of the law took it away from you and you would be mad.

  • No, transportation is critical to independence for young adults.

    I do not believe that the driving age should be raised to 21 years old, because of how critical transportation is to developing independence. In many non-urban areas, public transportation is non-existent and walking is impractical due to how spread out communities are. So if we expect young adults to earn a living or attend school, they need the ability to transport themselves.

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