Should states refuse to house inmates in privately-run prisons?

  • Yes ! States should refuse to house inmates in privately run prisons because this is not promoting a "corrections" system of rehabilitation for our citizens.

    By shifting our focus from funding incarceration to crime prevention measures more states would save money and provide for much need jobs that would promote a more secure and safe society for all people.
    If a state has accepted to house inmates in privately run prisons then we are just exacerbating the problem of building a "corrections" system that will decrease crime and prevent further crime from happening. No private enterprise or business should be established to incarcerate people because then you are promoting legal slavery again as these privately run prisons would use these people to produce goods and services for no pay essentially causing legal slavery to be re-established under the label of "PRIVATELY RUN PRISON = SLAVERY" . Let's stay on course for freedom !

  • Money and freedom should not cross

    Private Prisons are here for one thing: To make a profit. What was the point of a prison again? To rehabilitate? To punish? Public Prisons have gyms and TVs and books to ensure that the inmate isn't still a violent killer when he/she gets out. Plus, Private Prisons have a MINIMAL OCCUPANCY rate. Do you know how stupid that sounds? They're going be rooting for a conviction just so they can make more money. It's the worst idea I've ever heard.

  • What a dumb question.

    I suppose you want the overflow of inmates set loose on the street, as our idiot liberal governor did in Los Angeles. Crime skyrocketed overnight. Not minor crime, murders, rapes, gang violence. Private prisons operate far more efficiently and way cheaper, due to the fact that we're not paying prison guard with a sixth grade education $200,000 dollars a year, and due to the fact the private prisons are stripped down to give the prisoners NOTHING. No weight rooms, no TV, no law library, nothing by green bologna sandwiches, which is all that they deserve.

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