Should states seek to pursue an "ethical" (yes) or "self-serving" (no) foreign policy?

  • Ethical Foreign Policy Necessary

    In today's world, states need to focus upon an ethical foreign policy rather than a self-serving one. Taking advantage of other nations can only lead to negative consequences, and the ramifications of such actions don't always become immediatley evident. An ethical foreign policy makes the world a far better place.

  • States should pursue ethics.

    At no level should ethics be disregarded, especially in government. I believe that States should pursue ethical foreign policy because that is what we would want to expect out of other countries all around the globe. If all people came from this standpoint we would be better off in the long run.

  • All foreign policy is self serving.

    The goal of a nation's foreign policy mission isn't to promote peace and goodwill. It never has been. The entire game is about putting your nation into the most favorable light with other nations, so that you can get favorable import and export tariffs (or none at all) and maybe put a military base or two nearby. Ethics will never come into play.

  • Every state must stand on guard for its citizens

    States must defend their citizens, and in practice this
    means they must defend their people from outside aggression. Nations may be in competition for scarce
    resources, and citizens of neighboring nations may hold grievances passed down
    through generations, perhaps for centuries. Governments should be polite and diplomatic with
    one another, but they must also be watchful. No country can protect its people
    with a policy of love and trust.

  • Self-serving but remain ethical.

    I don't think it has to be black, or white. A state can make a self-servig foreign policy that remains ethical. We need to make it easier for others to enter our countries and states without letting just anyone in. Background checks and probation time is the best way to go about that.

  • Given the current state of the US government not doing its job

    Then yes. The role of immigration control is not being accomplished by the US government, and states budgets are suffering as a result. Immigration policy is part of foreign policy and domestic at the same time. States won't pursue foreign policy becuase they have no military arm to enforce anything so their foreign policy would only really apply to immigration plans.

    Not only that but the question is worded in a way that answering No, is viewed already as wrong. Pursuing a national or state serving policy is a better way to put it. However still the national government isn't doing it's job and that is jeopardizing the lives and jobs of many.

    Posted by: N711

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