Should states that allow for open carry guns also allow for the concealed carry of a knife without a license?

Asked by: Chimptribunal
  • You shouldn't need a license to carry or conceal carry any weapon.

    I'm a firm believer in an unrestricted 2nd Amendment, and the 2nd Amendment should apply to knives. Knives aren't just useful for self defense, but as a tool. Knives have and always will be used in everyday life and work and there's no reason the government should try to step in and change that be creating discouraging laws.

  • No reason to oppose it.

    I am entirely in favor of this. There is no point in allowing the carrying of a firearm and then denying the carrying of a knife. My entire adult life has been firearm carry. It is uncomfortable to say the least. Many people would opt to trade in their firearm for a knife. Any criminal who decides to bring a knife to a gunfight had better make the first strike count, because if it doesn't wipe out every firearm carrier, the knife welder is toast.

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