Should states which do not possess wetlands be required by law to support wetlands protection?

  • Yes, they should.

    We are one country so conserving and protecting our ecosystem is of the utmost importance to all of us. As a New Yorker, if I hear the everglades were shriveling up and turning into a desert, I'd want to support whatever protections of it we could possibly do. It's very important.

  • Yeah pretty much

    Most states on the coast, and on rivers and in the South all are home to wetlands. Eventually if we don't do anything there won't be any wetlands. Gracius species live in these areas like Bald Cypresses, American Gators and, Longleaf pines, and Slash Pinesthat all support the Southern ecosystem.

  • yes they should

    Yes, with out the wetlands of the nation we are going to see a whole lot of major problems, since these wetlands soak up a whole lot of bad chemicals that are in the country. I think that all the states need to try to save them all they can.

  • States without Wetlands not reguired to support protection measures

    States without Wetlands not reguired to support protection measures is the only true answer to this question. States not possesing wetlands should not and never will be required to support other state's wetland's protection. This is the only resoneable approach to this debatable topic and current issue now, so talked about within the global sphere of news storyies.

  • No They Shouldn't

    States are separate entities that all have to deal with their own regional issues. For this reason I believe it is unreasonable to expect all states to support wetlands protection, especially when they don't have any. If a state is looking for further support they should ask that of the federal government, not other states.

  • Not if they don't have wetlands

    Wetlands protection is a federal issue, and an issue for states that actually have wetlands. States that do not contain any wetlands should not have to support wetlands protection. There are no actions these states can take to support wetlands protection, so their support would not be meaningful in any way.

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