Should states with legalized marijuana use tax proceeds to fund college scholarships?

  • Legalized marijauan tax usages

    States with tax on legalized marijuana should use some of the money for college scholarships. It would help boost the economy and allow disadvantaged youths to have an opportunity that would not have been there before. Allowing more youth to go to school will create a better environment and will eventually help in other areas that the states may be struggling with (low-income for example)

  • yes they should

    At the very least two positives will come out of this: The users of this substance will be able to get their 'high' or in the case of some, manage to help combat whatever medical condition they're suffering from. In turn, others seeking to pursue academic goals will have a significantly higher chance of getting a 'seat at the table'. I for one do not oppose the use of marijuana. In fact, I see this proposal as being in line with a more progressive take on the issue of marijuana use.

  • No Funding For Anything That Can Be Considered An Entitlement

    Whatever Tax Revenue is collected should not be used to fund any programs that can be seen as an entitlement. Tax collection by States that have legalized it can't be used as an indicator for any future tax revenue due to tourism and people moving to the State because of it. The black market will still flourish.

  • I don't think so

    I don't think states with legalized marijuana should use the tax proceeds strictly to fund college scholarships. I think the money should be used by the states for anything that is necessary. I think it's silly to only use the proceeds for scholarships. There is many good uses for the money.

  • States with legalized marijuana should not use tax proceeds to fund college scholarships, but should but the money towards education as a whole, as well as other expenses.

    I am all in favor of putting tax proceeds towards bettering education, but I do not believe that states that have legalized marijuana should go as far as to fund college scholarships with the proceeds. The proceeds collected from marijuana should go towards improving public school systems within the state, so that students can obtain a better education and leave school more prepared for the workforce. Not every student will attend college, some will enter a trade profession or another part of the work force, and the benefits of educational tax proceeds should not be limited to only students who plan to attend college.

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