Should statutory rape apply to fully consenting couples when their parents are aware of the relationships?

  • Yes teen should

    Statutory rape also apply charged sex between teen.So for instance if a 15 years old have sex with a 12 years old or a 16 years old have sex with a 12 years old ,he/she will get charged,because people at that age cannot consent therefore is completely wrong to have sex with them.

  • Yes, it should

    The thing is students in high school would fall under these laws,you can't have that many people date freshman as a adult. You have to take these factors into consideration when dealing with the tricky ideas like these. I wouldn't want to be catogerized in this field for dating a freshman as a senior.

  • Statuatory rape is still rape.

    The rules of statuatory rape apply differently from place to place. If one of the partners is over 18, and the other is under 18 the law typically forbids this, without regard to parental or the couples consent. The idea is that the child is not responsible enough to care for a child, and thus shouldn't be allowed to do the act that could create one. This should not involve the parents at all.

  • Yes, I think satutory rape should apply to fully consenting couples when their parents are aware of the relationship.

    I think that while it is unfortunate I think that it would open up the system to too many loopholes if we allowed this, I think that if you and your partner are not old enough to meet the legal age of consent then you probably shouldn't be doing that activity anyway.

  • Statutory rape laws are for protecting young and naive minors from adults

    In cases where the older person is 30 even just 25 then yes it should be statutory rape. However an 18 year old should not go to prison for sex with his 17 year old girlfriend. A close-in-age exception is what is needed and I answered no because I imagine that if the parents know about it it's probably a close-in-age thing.

  • Consent Does Not Mean Rape

    In my opinion, if a couple both agrees on having sex, it should be considered consensual. For example, if a person is 16 years old and wants to have consensual sex with a 19 year old man, she should be allowed to make that decision. The fact that her parents are also approving is just icing on top of the cake. Consensual sex is not the same as rape, and therefore should not be labeled as such.

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