Should statutory rape sentences be more strict (yes), or are they too strict now (no)?

  • Statutory Rape Sentence- NOT STRICT ENOUGH

    Currently in the United States, if a man has sex with a girl that is considered to be "underaged", he faces a harsh penalty from the law. In my opinion, the penalty should be even stricter than it is now. In some states, the age of consent is simply 14 years old. When a child's mind is that young, he or she is unable to make reasonable decisions. There should be harsher penalties for someone who willingly takes advantage of someone who is young.

  • Yes, they should be more strict

    If the case is shut and close, the case should be strict. There are many red flags in these types of situations though. The issues that arise when consensual sex is taking place, or rape are many. If better precautions could be i place for DNA testing these issues would be solved.

  • Yes, statutory rape sentences should be more strict.

    I definitely think that the statutory rape sentences should be more strict. I think that such crimes should not be excusable and should be punished to the full extent of the law. I do not think anybody should be against harsher penalties for such crimes. That is why I think that the punishment should be more harsh.

  • Too Strict they are

    They re too strict for those who just make mistakes. Good people do make mistakes and should be helped, not punished.Please guys, please try to understand where i am coming from. We need to stop vilifying people who rape or have raped once in their life. Not all people rape to hurt people

  • Age gap plays a huge role.

    If it is a 60yr woman and a 4yr chid then yes it should be strict, but if it is a 18yr woman and a 17yr old man, it should not be a criminal offence. When people are in a relationship together and then one becomes the age of consent and the other is late to reach that age, yet the older one is prosecuted for rape when they have sex? Romeo and Juliet laws need to be passed to protect people close in age.

  • Our statutory rape laws should be lessened

    Statutory rape is a very gray area. In determining whether or not we deem certain sexual relationships acceptable or unacceptable, the age difference should play a major role. And the fact it is was consensual should be taken into consideration, if the younger person agreed to the sexual activity, it should not be treated as severely as forcible rape.

  • They are too strict.

    While there are reasons, for age limits and statutory rape laws, they shouldn't always be enforced or illegal. Sometimes people really don't know how young the person is, or they may really have a relationship that both are serious about and the ages aren't too far apart. There should certainly be laws against people being with young children, or people that are obviously taking advantage of an age gap. However, it depends on the circumstances, and if no one was forced, they shouldn't be treated as strictly as rape - or even called rape.

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