Should stay at home moms and house wives receive compensation in the from of cash for their work from Government

  • Absolutely yes!

    Good women are the back bone of our society and good women get all kinds of crap from feminists who think they are everything when they go online and tell house wives and stay at home moms that they support the patriarchy and are subservient to men and after all that I think they are intiedeld to get some compensation I would suggest $20, 000 a year for all house wives who's husband works at least 30 hours a week $25, 000 a year if she has kids and an additional $1, 000 per kid passed the third up to $30, 000 a year

  • There is no such thing as a free lunch

    I am a stay at home mother and a homeschooler and i bottom line do not want compensation because the government would try to interfere with that. You don't get something for nothing and the government is already too liberally and inappropriately invasive to tell you the very honest truth.

  • It's a ridiculous idea.

    I don't believe specifically one gender should be paid for doing something that they should already be doing. Parenting your children and taking care of a house are duties you sign up for and have to do naturally. You shouldn't get paid for these. Exclusively parenting and taking care of a house isn't cause for compensation unless they're not your kids and you're doing it for somebody else as payment. If they're your kids or you've somehow entered the family and began living their as a romantic partner to the other parent, You have assumed the responsibilities that come with that. Some people have the ability to keep their house clean, Parent their kids, And do their jobs. If you can't handle that responsibility, Ask for help. There are charities that can give you money, Friends that will help you, Etc.

  • Debatable according to circumstance

    Currently in my country we have a standard, The men work, The women work, And everybody works, And if you don't work your dependent on another person for money. In this instance my country deems it unreasonable to expect compensation for work that could be deemed employed by "marriage partner" or perhaps being "jobless. "

    Although such a concept might be supported if daycares, Child centers, Babysitters, School and all the other various ways to busy your child were to suddenly disappear. Though a society with a lowering population might benefit from such a policy however some problems such as that many young adults might have children young and not get a higher education in a world that is constantly craving such skills, And the possibility of decreased gpd growth among many things.

    I just do not see it economically viable for any nation with a growing population or stable and it might even become obsolete and become a hindrance to a nation if they go closer to either the right or left in the economic policy scale.

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