• Yes, there is no reason to let those who would benefit from it suffer without it.

    I honestly have no idea why this is still an issue. There is nothing but good that can come from Stem Cell research. This red-tape has done nothing but prove how thick some people are and prevented breakthroughs in medical science and research. There have been cases where those disabled with paralysis would of found solace and potential aid from applied applications of stem cells to help regrow damaged tissue.

  • Yes, it's been hindered far too much

    Of all the arguments against stem cell research, note that none include claims that it isn't beneficial for the advancement of science. Stem cell research is not a 100% sure shot at finding the cures that have eluded us for generations, but many consider it our best bet at finding them. There is no rational argument as to why stem cell research should not be funded heavily and immediately.

  • Yes. We must do what is necessary for people here now.

    It is important to prioritize. We must do what we can for people alive today even if this requires us to use stem cells from aborted embryos. The health of the people here today should be put ahead of the rights of hypothetical people that might, one day, exist. We do not have any reason to suspect that embryo's should be guaranteed the same civil rights.

  • Yes - it's too important to be put aside now

    There are too many people already suffering from terrible diseases that could be helped by stem cell research to abandon the practice now. We need all the help we can get from evolving medicinal practices so that our loved ones can survive from the myriad of illnesses throughout our modern day.

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