• Judging this research is playing God - let God decide if this is wrong or right, and let the doctors and scientists find hope.

    My wife has a rare brain disorder that is causing her to have issues like Alzheimers but in her last 20's. She acquired this from birth, and has suffered from it her entire life. She is a devoted mother, and a faithful companion. I am not talking about an 80 year old woman who has had a good life - I am talking about a woman who has yet to fully experience life, and is losing her life all to fast - leaving a family that loves her behind. This is the most scary and painful thing I have ever seen - this is not like cancer or heart failure - my children are watching mommy lose her mind. This will scar them forever, and if we are, as a society, okay with this, then I think we need to re-examine our values.

    There is a huge debate about "playing god" with stem cell research, but judging this research is also "playing god". Let god judge, and let the doctors and scientists work to create a cure for those individuals who currently have no hope.

    Third world countries are creating more hopeful potential cures via stem cells than the USA thanks to the ban on stem cell research. The USA is known for having a huge drive to finding cures thanks to the large influx of funding. If we were to legalize stem cell research, I believe we could truly create cures never before thought possible.

    If you have never been affected by a disease that has no cure, then it is easy to have a negative opinion. Just realize that every vote against stem cell research is condemning more innocent people to an awful death, and more families to horrible pain - young children who are losing their mother or father - parents watching their beloved child wither away with nothing but a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness.

  • Stem cell research is the future.

    There is nothing morally or ethically wrong with stem cell research. Much like genetic engineering, protests or attitudes against it are largely based on human traits of ignorance and misunderstanding. Stem cells hold so much potential that we should be offering incentives for companies who do such research to advance medical understanding of our bodies.

  • Cures for the chronic patients

    Nobody thinks having a problem is a big deal until they have experienced it or know someone who has. I think stem cells are the next step to trying to find many cures for things the human race can find. Stem cells are expensive but if it happens and we can use them and we find cures i think we should ask ourselves is it worth it.

  • Yes, stem cell research should remain legal and become government-funded.

    Honestly, the entire argument against stem cell research is null and void. It rests upon the belief that it is immoral, as it involves the destruction of human embryos. However, dissenters fail to recognize that the embryos used originate in fertility clinics, where far more embryos are produced than are needed in order to boost the chances of conception. If the embryos are not used for stem cell research, they are simply burned or disposed of (it's legal to flush them down the sink). It's obvious that it's morally right to help individuals in need of it, when the embryos will be destroyed either way.

  • Yes, the Democratic National Convention helped Obama.

    The Democratic National Convention set the stage for Obama's re-election campaign. Obama set a familiar, if slightly less aggressive, tone for his second attempt to capture the American public's confidence and loyalty. Obama did a good job a setting his issues up and sticking to his guns from that point on.

  • Yes, stem cell research should be legal.

    There is no reason to ban stem cell research. It has the potential to open up huge discoveries in the medical field and does not necessarily require the harm or death in any form. Stem cell based technologies have too much potential to be banned over some out of date fears.

  • There are countless unused embryos, might as well use them.

    My first point would be to point out, as my title suggests, that human embryos are already in massive proportions. The only thing is that we are not allowed to research the stem cell. The stem cell is technically the origin cell of which serves as the figurative 'direction booklet' for the construction of organs and tissues.

    Stem cells have been shown to reverse paralysis in quadriplegics and furthermore have been used to recreate organic tissue like hearts and the like.

    Those in opposition to this likely will claim that researching stem cell research will kill a fertilized egg, but my key point refutes this since whatever embryos are not utilized will be terminated. That means that not only will life saving treatments be halted for the sake of a high moral ground but countless embryos will furthermore still die/be terminated.

    My contention would be that stem cell research not only be legalized but also supported. The stem cell cannot feel pain since it has no neural system nor does it contain chemicals to process emotion. Furthermore, with every day that stem cell research is being kept under, more and more people are left in misery due to genetic abnormalities and prenatal deficiencies that are simply beyond their control.

    Stem cell research needs to be legalized and supported.

  • People need these cells

    Would you let a child die to save the rights of an unborn baby?
    Would you let a child die to save the rights of an unborn baby?
    Would you let a child die to save the rights of an unborn baby?
    Would you let a child die to save the rights of an unborn baby?

  • Hope for the hopeless

    There are other ways to get stem cells. Not all stem cell research involves the human embryo. Stem cells are found in adult stem cells, umbilical cord, amniotic, bone marrow. Using a "discarded" embryo is no longer our only option. If diabetes, cardio vascular disease, Parkinson's, certain cancers could potentially be cured why not? There are too many adults and children suffering . We are a race of hope and ambition.

  • It's worth the risk

    Stem cell research can open doors to many opportunities. It may turn into a cure for cancer or a brain disease. Just think of all the families that can experience the normal life again. Like once said by a wise person, " The need for many outweigh the need of the few". The risk must eventually be taken. The future will come to a point when this choice will be inevitable, we will need to take this risk early while we still have a chance.

  • The question is misleading.

    Neither adult nor embryonic stem cell research is illegal in the United States. Nor has it been. This is generally ignored in the heated discussions seen/heard on political or social programming. The actual debate is whether government or private entities should fund the research, and whether it should become ILLEGAL to do research on embryonic stem cells. Since all positive medical advances in this field come from adult and umbilical cord stem cells, and the results on lab animals using embryonic stem cells have been vastly negative, (brain tumors, cancer cells), many are opposed on a purely medical stance.
    I am amazed that anyone would be willing to sacrifice unborn children (yes, you don't magically 'turn into' a child somewhere along the way ~ you are conceived a child) to try to advance ANY medicine, much less a medical path that is in EVERY respect inferior to the other two options available.
    At the very least it should make one curious as to WHY there is such a STRONG PUSH for embryonic stem cell research when it is by far the LEAST promising medical solution of the three.
    If I destroy an eagle's egg (unborn child) I can be fined or go to prison. If I choose to destroy my own (unborn) child, it's not a problem?

  • It is inconsistent and it is very expensive

    As we know stem cells come from embryos. An unborn baby that is being put to disposal for a cause that may not even be effective. People say stem cells can cure sicknesses or even recreate organs but the real question is: is that worth a life? The person who we are saving has already lived. They know what its like and they know that everybody has to die. This embryo that we are harvesting hasn't even seen the light of day. This baby that we are killing for ineffective research could be born and grow up to find a cure without having to kill unborn babies.
    Stem cell research also costs a lot of money. For all the diabetes patients to be cured we will need 850 million to 1.7 billion eggs. For every 100 we are paying $200,000 that is 3.4 trillion dollars that the US government would pay to cure just diabetes patients. Then there is so much more that would need to be cured after that potentially costing tens of trillions of dollars and 10s of billions of eggs. That is 10s of billions of lives that will be stolen from these kids that should be alive.
    Now knowing that using stem cell research would put at least another 3 trillion dollars in our national debt and cost billions of lives do you still think it is a good idea?

  • It should not be illegalised

    This is because the embryonic cells produced are living. They are like children which are unborn. Would you allow people to kill these embryos just for research? What would you do if it was your embryo, would you let them destroy it? In my opinion it is immoral to do this.

  • No it should not

    I think this because I believe that it is essentially killing a baby before it can live.You are taking a baby and preventing it from being born.You are then taking it in to a lab and growing it like a plant.It is not moral and no life form should be treated that way or killed that way.By legalizing it you are legalizing killing in a way.

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