• Yes, but with limitations.

    I believe stem cell research is okay to support, but I do feel that there should be limitations to it. I don't believe in using embryonic stem cells. While people used to believe only embryonic stem cells could be pluripotent, recent research has shown that adult stem cells can be made to be. And in reality, the best possibilities might be with people actually using their own stem cells. So I don't see any ethical reason not to support it, as long as adult stem cells are used from consenting adults.

  • Needs To Be Investigated

    I believe stem cell research should be supported to look for treatments for chronic diseases such as lupus. I believe there are a lot of ethical questions that need to be addressed when considering stem cell research but at the same time we need to push forward the medical sciences.

  • Yes, stem cell research should be supported to treat chronic diseases.

    Stem cell research is important in understanding how diseases work. The more we learn from this type of research, the better our prevention and treatment measures of diseases that have affected human beings for many years. Stem cell research can solve many of today's health problems and it will make it easier for people to live longer.

  • Yes, it should

    Thanks to the last Bush president we are far behind in stem cell research and utilization, but that doesn't mean that we should give up. The potential is far too great to abandon the science, we've seen examples of how powerful stem cells can be for curing disease and it needs to be pursued further.

  • Yes, stem cell research is valuable.

    There are many serious illnesses, such as lupus, that need to be addressed in any way possible so that symptoms can be alleviated and perhaps a cure found. Stem cell research is a necessary scientific activity because it may very well be the key to this kind of treatment or cure.

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