Should Stephen Colbert be South Carolina's next Senator?

  • Yes, Stephen Colbert should run and would win a senate race in South Carolina

    I can agree that Stephen Colbert's comedy is a persona. The character is sarcastic and often times rude, all while making the point that the man behind the camera truly believes. It is the same as Jon Stewart. Both have great political minds and expose those that are trying to deceive the public. The only difference between them and anyone else involved in the news is they sprinkle in a dose of comic relief go get their point across.

  • Sadly no.

    Stephen Colbert should not be a Senator. He is an amazing political analyst and comedian and he should stick to what he does best. For him to enter the world of politics would mean that he would probably have to stop doing his show which would be a tragedy. Despite this he would probably make a decent Senator as he is very knowledgeable about politics, and is very clever.

  • No, Stephen Colbert should not run for senate

    Don't get me wrong, I love Stephen Colbert, but he is an actor playing a part. We do not know what Stephen's actual politics are, and I think that if we did, they would be quite different from those of his persona. While I would have no problem with Mr. Colbert running for an office as himself, running for office as a character would be uncool.

  • No, Stephen Colbert, as we know him, is a persona.

    Stephan Colbert is an actor and although many may look up to him for his views and his work in terms of his politic "career", he should not hold a position in government as a character. He plays an important role already, and I would be sad to see him go.

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