• Same as birth control...

    Using birth control, is adding hormones to ones body for a desired effect. There is no difference with steroids. Only that congress backs birth contol vs steroids. Congress got involved with our national sports atheletes, whom choose to dedicate their lives to physical performance, under the guise of "how they influence the children". Yet they dont get involved with the media to ensure the same level of integrity, as the media influences hundreds of millions of individuals both young and old. Of course the media serves the interests of the politicians, so they will never demand to keep the public well informed, but let an athlete take a "performance enhancement" and they are all over it. It causes me to wonder what else was going on at that time for which they needed to distract the american public. Wag the Dog....

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  • Weed, Alcohol, etc can be so much more dangerous

    There are very few if any deaths directly associated with steroid use. (yeah people abuse them, but even then death is hard to come by) Meanwhile people die of alcohol poisoning all the time. So Ironic to me that this country loves supporting alcohol which reduces testosterone, and them makes sure any testosterone itself is illegal. You'd think this county has something against men.

  • Steroids are good for you

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  • Should be legal of course Alcohol and Tobacco are and kill people. Only around three people die per year from roid abuse.

    We have drugs like alcohol which results in many deaths and abuse and then we have weed becoming legal when all it does is encourage you to sit on your butt and do nothing while Steroids allows you to get motivated to workout and get strong and it does not put your mind in any type of high or any state of mind that you're not normally in unlike coffee aspirin and other pills. If a 8 year old kid took 25 aspirin they would die quickly and that drug is legal. I even think that we need to make Steroids legal for all firefighters and law enforcement officers as that would give them the extra needed strength for them to do their jobs. Noone wants a fat out of breath firefighter or cop when you can have a muscular and in shape officer or firefighter to save you in time of crisis.

  • Gear is great for old people.

    When I was 50yo...Suffered bad with arthritis ....Then a mate of my sons,a big meathead, told me to forget all the shit from my gp and get some test and Decca ....It's a miracle ,,feel 20 look better and play sports that I never thought I would again...What side affects .....Now 56 and still awesome ...

  • Legalize that shit

    Steroids cause minimal health side effects that can easily be avoided or prevented when under the supervision and care of a doctor.Steroids aren't illegal in the whole world our neighbors to the south (mexico) allow the use of steroids,if i go to a doctor and request steroids he will be able to assist me in my cycle.In conclusion under supervision and with proper PCT everything will be perfectly fine and you'll be the mass monster you've always wanted to be.

  • Roidskies are good

    Aight fam so these roids made barry bonds hit like 70 dingers in a single year and guess what hall of fame people Pete Rose did not use them so just let the man in and another thing, lance armstrong was the best bike rider in the history of the world so point made.

  • Land of the Free

    Steroids are listed as a less harmful substance than some processed foods. Steroids, when properly dosed, produce only temporary and reversible or preventable side effects. Steroids could still be banned under league rules for professional sports but should be available recreational, as they were for a long time, to the general public. Steroids are still common, and their criminilaziation only leads to a growth in the black market, as well as the circulation of contaminated steroids being distributed to consumers. Further, the lack of availability of anabolic steroids leads to the production of the, now very popular, prohormones which sit on shelfs of nutrition stores across America for weeks at a time containing some kind of steroid-clone that is often times worse for consumer consumption. Between the time these products are offered for sale, and the time the FDA manages to test them and ban them, there is months -- sometimes years. This is because there is thousands of these products available, and once one is banned, a 2.0 version comes out with a slight variation in formula to side step the law. This is a losing battle, and a needless infringement of freedoms and, arguably, an unconstitutional legislation as it stands in the way of the pursuit of happiness

  • Controlled Substance, not by definition.

    Controlled substances were defined, by Reagan and the DEA, as "substances which are abused FOR THEIR MIND ALTERING PROPERTIES" Crack, Heroine, Weed, and Alcohol are these by definition. Steroids DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT ALTER MY MIND. This is the only drug in this catagory that you dont "catch a headchange" on. Thank You

  • No Evidence to Not be Legal

    There are no facts or studies to show any changes in behavior while on anabolic steroids. There is no harm to others while taking such a drug and the side effects are quite well known. If they are worth it to that individual, they should be up to that individual whether to take them or not. Of course they should not be legal for minors as it does have an affect on growth and development, but for adults, their damage is insignificant in comparison to the gains for many people. The damage to your liver is no more than the damage done by alcohol. No diseases or illnesses are caused by the use of steroids. Most of the immediate problems are combated by PCT (post cycle therapy). None of the side effects have any affect on the people around the user. They do not affect the mind or thought process.

  • Absolutely not

    No, steroids should not be legal. Everyone is well aware that steroids are used by many athletes and professional wrestlers, among others. That would not be bad in itself, but teenagers are using steroids now and they are either oblivious to the side effects or have chosen to disregard them. Long term use of steroids can affect organs, cause infertility, and also cause violent mood swings and uncontrollable rages. Any drug that causes a person to fly into a rage and be unable to control themselves has no business being legal.

  • Too Much Happens to Body

    Steroids are great medications to take for people rehabbing from accidents. Corticosteroids are used to open up the lungs of asthma patients. However, steroids should not be legal in general due to their side effects. Muscle mass may be gained, but maladies such as infertility and bone mass may lead to health problems later. The heart muscle is also under much more stress when steroids are used.

  • Drugs are bad

    The usage of steroids should not be legal. They shouldn't be legal because people are enhancing there muscles the wrong way. A true athlete would do everything the normal natural way and would not take the short cut. I say if you are an athlete and take steroids, you don't even have the right to call yourself an athlete.

  • Steroids should not be legal.

    It gives the people who use it more advantages and can get more known than the people that choose not to use it. It can also damaged your body and result in death. Steriods are simply something bad that you should not take and something that should never be legalized.

  • NO.

    Steroids take out the compteition of the game. When players use steroids it not only harms their body but it gives them an advantage over the rest of the competitors. If it were legal there is no telling what kind of effects it could bring around to the players in leagues. It's dangerous to the body and the mind and could even end a career.

  • Steroids should be legal.

    Steroids have many benefits. If they are used properly in a medicinal use they help many people get through serious illnesses. As far as sports are concerned, it should be completely up to the governing body of each sport. They are proven to be hazards to your health if not used properly so this is a serious health risk and good reason to ban them unless used for medicine.

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  • You dumbasses NO!

    No, this is not like birth control because they compromise your health! And it does not result in "minimal side affects" do some research bud. They can be dangerous because most athletes wouldn't understand how to use it properly and would ultimately hurt themselves in the end. Read up on Tyler Hooton and the hundreds of other desperate athletes. Not to mention it compromises the integrity of the sport. These games should show all the hard work, training, dieting and other natural ways you've tried to increase your skill. Otherwise, it becomes a competition of affordability and athletes access to these drugs...

  • Anabolic steroid should be banned...

    The only time you're asking for death is when you decided to use anabolic steroid. Anabolic steroid has it's own advantages and those advantages does not include "athlete needs it to win this and that" if you're a true athlete, anabolic won't be the first thing that comes to your mind when you're struggling. Anabolic steroids can be used as medicines to heal some sickness but not for overcoming fear.

  • Steroids should be used for medical reasoning and not sports.

    Sports are abusing the need for steroids. It is unfair for those who work for their hard earned spots on the team, the people who do steroids may not have it easy either but all sports people should have to work equally as hard if not harder. They should work harder if that is the case that has left them with the last resort of steroids.

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