• It's your body, but tax it to high heaven

    It's your body so yes it should be legal. But it needs to be taxed to high heaven if it's nonprescription. And advertisement for other than prescription purposes should continue to be illegal. Shops selling nonprescription stimulants should have to be licensed and only in certain zoned areas, or even just require people to buy them on the internet to put the buying and selling of it out of view of the public.

    If a steroid has potentially negative side effects as far as "roid rage" then it should only be allowed to be taken in a lock-in use facility where professionals watch you for the duration of its effects and can restrain you if necessary. This solution is a good one for a wide range of drugs with potentially dangerous behavioral side effects. That way we can keep the public safe from violence from the black market sales of the drug and from the drug itself.

    As for professional sports leagues if any decided to allow steroids I would stop watching though I don't watch much sports in the first place. Any college sports should still strictly prohibit steroids.

    Legal or not people shouldn't be testifying before Congress about steroid use like they did years ago. Congress has more important matters to attend to. This is part of why I think steroids should be legalized, to get this off of Congress's agenda so they can focus on more important things. If anyone was going to intervene over professional baseball not doing anything about steroids it should've been the DEA calling them in for a meeting not Congress.

  • Depends On Which Steroids

    There are some steroids that actually do some good. There are steroids in some breathing treatments and medical inhalers. Those need to stay legal, but if you are talking about the ones people use to as part of muscle building and strength training, those are the ones that need to be illegal.

    Posted by: rpr
  • No, Doctors care only

    The bottom line is these need to be under the care of the doctor. Medically, there are too many possible implications that could come with their use that need to be closely monitored . I have no issue with people who want them legal for use, they just need to be careful of the side effects.

  • No

    Steroids aren't devoid of good uses, there's a reason that under a doctor's care they're still available. They however would be a terrible thing to let the public get its hands on simply because they feel like it. There is endless documentation showing the sad stories that happen when people that don't know what they're doing self medicate steroids.

  • No, not the type you are thinking of

    Steroids are already legal, and are available through a doctor. The idea that over the counter steroids should be legalized, however, is a bad one. These are very dangerous drugs (just ask anyone who has taken them for a long period of time) and need to be heavily regulated by a doctor.

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