Should steroids be legalized in professional sports?

  • Increased level of play!

    In order for the sport to actually stay fair, steroids should be allowed in order to erase all confusion on who is or is not taking substances that enhance the body. Any athlete who would get away with using anabolic steroids now has every other athlete using steroids. Steroids also help reduce the risk of injuries, the benefits of using steroids far outweighs the consequences found in steroids.

  • Steroids should be legalized in professional sports.

    Steroids should be legalized in professional sports. Lets face it, it is not going to stop either way but lets give it a fair advantage and legalize it. That way all the conspiracy will cease and people can do it if they want to or choose not to if they do not want to.

  • It isn't natural

    Professional sports are a goal for young athletes across the globe. It takes natural talent to reach the collegiate level, and colleges do not allow PEDs anyway. It is too much of a health risk for young athletes and could be dangerous for other players due to the disadvantage. So, if collegiate sports do not allow it, what is the point in taking all of that natural talent and wasting it with a syringe? If we allow professional athletes to use PEDs, the goal is no longer to reach it through natural talent, hard work, or effort. Then, colleges would be forced to allow it, then it would move to high schools and it is not healthy for young athletes to have steroids in order to perform better on the field.

  • Its dumb homie

    Those athletes be workin hard and if fat guys use roids and end up stronger than those who were working hard. Its unfair for cheating giefs to win everything. Those guys who work hard deserve to win. Look at barry bonds. That kalb hit more than 800 homeruns but he was on steroids the whole time. Hank aaron deserves the homerun record. Cheaters occasionaly prosper, but most of the time they get caught

  • Shouldn't be allowed

    It shouldn't be allow because the players should have to play a fair game and let the better team win. Also the players could kill themselves with the drug or have serious health problems. It is already made illegal and there are penalties that are inforce them. I think that the players should work to gain muscle

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