• Soderburgh's retirement from film directing? Yes, please.

    Steven Soderburgh has created many dark, intriguing and sometimes comedic films that have garnered good press. Yet, Moneyball was high money producing film which he did not direct and there has to be an extremely poignant reason for the producers to get rid of him so late in the game. Soderburgh's view of movies now may not be what production companies want for their ideal future Oscar winners. Although some of the general public may be looking for great stories in new films that are pushed to theaters, the production companies want blockbuster sellers to rake in large revenues for money used on these films. Apparently, someone told Soderburgh that he does not have the "juice" for their movies and he took the hint.

    Posted by: glyn
  • The greats should never retire.

    There's no reason I can think of that Steven Soderbergh should retire. He's an incredibly talented director and cinematographer. He's made great movies consistently throughout his career. Ultimately, it is his choice whether or not to leave the business, but we can hope that he only takes a break. Then he can come back and wow us again with his films.

  • He's too good

    The man was nominated for best director twice in one year. He has a style that is recognizable, and makes solid films on a consistent basis. He just accepted digital for what it was, and now cranks out good film after good film, I get that he want to do other stuff, but why not go on a break rather than retire.

  • No, He Should Not

    There is no logical reason why Steven Soderbergh should retire. He is a winner of the Academy Award and his work is of the utmost quality. While he has not had a hit film in a few years, this does not change the level of quality in his past efforts. It would be a shame for him to stop now.

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