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  • They should not be accepted.

    I believe that we should under stand that: Allowing stimulants to be used legally in major sports and competitions is not a wise decision due to unfair advantages, problems caused by stimulants, and the threat of possibly ending up in jail. Do y'all catch my drift? 'Cause my colleagues don't.

  • Natural ability is rare, and should be celebrated.

    An athlete on stimulants still needs to have natural talent. He or she may become a little better, but an non athletic person on stimulants won't all of a sudden become great. However, the boost stimulant gives certain individuals will propel them to be better than others with the same talents. That is an unfair advantage. People should earn their status on their natural ability, not artificial talent.

  • it then becomes an arms race of pharmacists

    Using stimulants in sports becomes an arms race of sorts. Sporting competitions for centuries have been shows of individual strength hard work and determination. Even in team sports it is the nature of the team that meets on a playing field working together to achieve a goal. Allowing stimulants and other PEDs can make this team include "pharmacists" as a "team member".

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