• Yes, they should.

    I think with the way this market has been, they have a lot to fear in September. September is often a terrible month in the market and this one won't be an exception. There does need to be a correction and I think it will come in the next few months.

  • Things always turn down.

    We had a great August for stock, and the entire summer was good. Even though Barack Obama pursues a socialist agenda, stocks have soared despite him. In September business make a lot of changes and it is back to business after the long, relaxing summer. It is not a good time to be a stock.

  • fear September stock market

    I do not think that the stock market is anything to fear or not fear in any particular month this includes the month of September. September is just the same as any other of the twelve months. You can do good or bad in any of the months even in September.

  • Stock Market September Fears Unmerrited

    True, September has historically been a less than successful month for the stock market. However, recent history shows that the past five Septembers have shown solid gain every year except 2011, which was when Standard & Poor's cut the credit rating of the United States. Also to be considered is the fact that the U.S. still exhibits signs of great economic health when compared to the rest of the world. The U.S. economy has bounced back in the second quarter and the job market is exhibiting growth.

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