Should stores be banned from displaying cigarettes?

  • Smoking band from selling at stores

    I think cigarettes should not be sold in stores even though it helps the cashiers and stuff people and dieing way to fast because of that or getting really sick also some people don't have $20 and the people who do and wasting it on cigarettes so this is my opinion.

  • They do nothing positive at all for the body.

    We have known for a long time now that smoking is severely detrimental to health, it costs the country enormous amounts of money in medical expenses, it harms even those who are not smoking but are around smokers. We should be aiming to stamp smoking out of society altogether now.

  • No, it should not to be banned.

    What will happened now to the people living through farming tobaccos? It depends upon the person on he or she will use cigarette. It is part of the society, yes. There's a big contribution cigarettes have to economies in the world. And there's a big plantation of tobacco serving-as living.

  • It should be a person's choice!

    I am not a big fan of smoking, but cigarettes are part of society. They generate a lot of revenue for stores, and a person has the right to chose to buy cigarettes. If we banned cigarettes from being displayed, people will find other ways of obtaining the cigarettes. If we allow the government to take cigarettes away, then what's next?

  • They will lose out on money.

    Stores sell those things for money, and the people that buy them are full grown adults and in charge of their own health. I'm sorry to be this way, but we cannot police the behaviors of mentally competent adults in such a way. If they want those things, they are going to get them, and there's no point in putting the burden on a private business in order to try to police it.

  • No They Shouldn't

    Stores should not be banned from displaying cigarettes. It would be stupid to do this because cigarettes sell very well and give many stores lots of revenue. There are many things stores should not sell or advertise, but cigarettes is definitely not one of them. It's the consumer's choice if they want to buy them or not.

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