Should stores like Forever 21 stop selling bandwagon band shirts?

Asked by: ashleyasadi
  • Bandwagon Band Shirts

    Yes, They Didn't have Good quality now, they shouldn't have it, one of my friend was order some of pair of tshits and jeans, she was not satisfy with the quality, than she will get another website known Calibreapparel. She got better quality tshirts and they also have most famous brands like Gildan, Anvil, Tri-mountain and much more.

  • It's overdone and cliche

    The shirts aren't original, they're bland and boring. The people who shop at forever 21 mostly never listen to the bands they sell. It's not even bandwagon band shirts, they were perfectly respectable bands until someone somewhere decided that every clothing store was going to sell these tired designs. I rarely see people wearing them, so I'm wondering what their sales are like.

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