• 100 percent they should

    They are hot as hell and that is putting it lightly. Everyone has the right to wear want they want to wear, and if people want to show off their body , then let them. Plus have you ever had sex with a girl while shes wearing a mini skirt. It just adds to the experience. Tears of joy

  • Yes of course

    Women have a right to wear ehatever they want. If a store doesnt want to sell something so be it. But in general stores shouldnt be stopped from doing so. Why is it that no ine ever wants to dictate how men dress, just women? If your not comfortable in it dont buy it.

  • Yes, why not?

    Since when short dresses became a concern of debate? I don't understand this, anyways, to get away with it I'd like to add my opinion, Now-a-days we are so active on social networks (which surely connects one to every possible part of the world), we get swayed by whatever is most followed as World Fashion, and to the surprise short or long whichever it is, DRESSES never go out of fashion. Its been years since I'm working with Fashion Industries and honestly saying, Short Dresses are most preferred for numerous occasions. Its amazing how Indian mothers these days suggest these dresses to their daughters, and please people its not about selling short dresses or long...Or showing off much skin or not... Its all about following the World Trend and Short Dresses would always gain my vote of being hot-sellers.

  • It is your choice any way

    If you don't like 'em, don't buy them. Just don't. Should we ban bikinis because they are too revealing and some don't like to wear them? No. I personally don't like very short dresses but that doesn't mean we can't wear them with tights or leggings underneath. What your wear is your concern, and you deal with whatever outcry others might have in respond. Free to buy AND free to judge. It goes both ways.

  • As long as there are people who buy short dresses.

    Some dresses are meant to be sexy. There are low cut dresses, strapless dresses, backless dresses, ones with slits on the side, and there are adult occasions where it is perfectly appropriate to be sexy. Those that feel they are too revealing do not have to buy them simply because they are an option.

  • Yes I Really Like Them

    Well let me start this off with a little story. They are so hot. At one bonfire I hosted, these girls came in wearing ridiculously short skirts. As if the place wasn't hot enough already! I quickly finished burning the few draps I had left in my hands, and then went over and chatted them up. They happened to be nice, but a little weird. But they were hot. You can be sure I took both of them home and had a great time. Actually I only took one, the other said she had a boyfriend(??). Short skirts are perfect and I hope stores continue to sell them!

  • Of course they should!

    People should be allowed to wear whatever they want. What's wrong with revealing skin anyways? Why should we be ashamed of our bodies? What's the big deal? What's so offensive about people's bodies.

    It's ridiculous. Why do you care what someone else wears if it's not affecting you? I'm sorry that you find my legs so offensive. It's others business what they wear, not yours.

  • They are not appropriate,

    Short dresses shouldn't be sold because they are very inappropriate. They shouldn't be sold in stores because they are in-modest, and women shouldn't dress with mini short dresses that you can see under, or they are cut too low. Women need to dress more appropriate. . . . . .

  • Well this is hard

    This one was very hard because i do think that they are inappropriate, but on the other hand that is just limiting our freedom more. I think a better way of going around it would getting the public to look down upon wearing those dresses then just to outlaw them. If we were to out law them we would just give the government to control what we where now.

    In the end, I think that we should not ban them but have the general opinion of the public to frown upon wearing inappropriate things.

    Posted by: BIGC
  • It's too revealing.

    Why does their need to be parts of the body shown that we would not normally show in public in terms of casual dressing? It doesn't make sense why they would want to do that! No, I am not sexist. Men shouldn't either expose their upper part of the body that is surrounded only by shoulders and neck being attached. Not even in the pool or any beach. That is my opinion. I never go swimming without a shirt on. If I was told in a public swimming pool that I shouldn't swim with a shirt on, I would sue that place. I am a guy, and I would feel uncomfortable if I invite a girl to that dance and then she shows up with a dress that doesn't cover at least one of these areas: the whole upper body that only has shoulders and neck attached, it is too far above the knee cap, in other words, more than 25% of the upper leg is visible, and/or it is at least slightly transparent in any one area. It concerns me how so many girls are emotionally pressured to wear a dress that goes outside the standard I posted just because they want to fit in. How are you still you if you try to fit in. You should be who you wish to be, not who others wish you to be. Being emotionally pressured to fit in is harassment. Pressuring a girl who doesn't like wearing a dress that goes outside these standards to wear it is sexual harassment. Forcing a girl who dislikes makeup to wear it is harassment. Forcing a girl to wear something immodest or unnatural is harassment.

  • It's not appropriate

    It's just not appropriate for girls to dress kick that and then tell men to stop looking at them. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • I don't think so

    This one was very hard, on one hand I don't think that they are inappropriate, but on the other hand I am a very big activist for freedom. But in the end I think that if we could get the public to frown upon it then just outlawing it that would be much better than just giving the government control of what we where.

    So in the end I am not saying that we should ban it, but they are inappropriate and we should try to get the public to frown upon them. That would be much better.

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Everyone who votes No is gay.