Should Stores Sell Violent Video Games to Minors?

  • Yes they totally should

    Im 11 and i play tf2 and skyrim where you break necks and chop off heads and not violent at all and either way it should be the parents decision and store clerks have no right to say how kids would reacted And i play ark which is full of blood

  • They should because it's the parents choice

    Children can be influenced by this yes. But the parent has the choice of letting them own a video game that is violent I am 14 and play fortnite cod and skyrim they are violent but I am trusted to play them because I'm not in mature so don't give it to a mental child that will be influenced by this.

  • Yes, for reasons

    Yes because some games like got 5 don't have to be violent you can do good deeds like help a robbery victim or watchdogs (which is very fun) you can help SAVE someones life or stop a gang or prison riot therefore violent games should be sold to minors but with parent permission

  • There is a reason for the ESRB rating the video games.

    The ESRB makes ratings for a reason. They do not mean 'the more mature rating, the cooler the game is'. They mean 'this game is for this particular age range and should be only played by this age range'. People do not seem to understand the meaning of the ESRB.

  • Make Them Grow Up

    If adults get to play why cant kids they get it makes them grow up so when they see the things that happen in reality they can be prepared to face it. Also it might pull family's back together to spend quality time it might sound weird but its true.

  • Stores should sell violent video games to minors

    Violent video games such as Halo and Call of Duty make children have more violent tendencies. For example, there was a boy. Ever since he started playing a fighting game, he has been more likely to bully. It has destroyed many relationships. Many studies failed to control for factors that contribute to children becoming violent, such as family history and mental health, plus most studies do not follow children over long periods of time. Video game experiments often have people playing a game for as little as ten minutes, which is not representative of how games are played in real life. In many laboratory studies, especially those involving children, researchers must use artificial measures of violence and aggression that do not translate to real-world violence and aggression, such as whether someone would force another person ate hot sauce or listen to unpleasant noises. According to Christopher J. Ferguson a psychology professor at Stetson University(PHD), "matching video game conditions more carefully in experimental studies with how they are played in real life makes VVG's [violent video games] effects on aggression essentially vanish." In a violent video game, the scenario is even gorier and yet children who play those games regularly get decentralized into the same world. They become insensitive with time and develop the notion that killing and violent scenes are nothing unusual. If the fantasy world is full of violence, we shudder to think how they would want their realism to be.

  • Yes they need to

    The minors need to know what the guns and the weapons can do to people so they know ooh I should not play with that otherwise I could possibly hurt someone and If they play M rated games with the guns and blood they will know what to do and what not to do and they can have fun knowing what they need to stay away from as long as they know what the things can do to other people

  • If you play any GTA game does it affect you.Think about it,if you let a 8 year old play it they probably will misbehave.

    Let an 12 year old play.Then see how he/she has behave.Let a 8 year old play it will probably affect them because they are younger but people over that age probably will not be affected.Younger kids don't know that well because there mind hasn't formed all the way.That is why I think it is appropriate for kids to play violent games

  • Yes They Should Sell violent video games to minors

    I think that stores should still sell violent video games to minors because they are just animated entertainment. Sure some minors might think that it causes people to act more violent but that's their choice to be violent. Violent video games don't make peoples choices either people make the choice to be more violent

  • I'd let my kids play them if I had kids.

    Honestly you can't look at the kids age and just say that they shouldn't play that games because they are too young. I believe that you need to look at the maturity level of the kid first because someone who is lets say 12 could react in the same way to a violent video game as someone who is lets say 19-21. Some of them could also be loosely based on history like assassins creed so they could also possibly learn something from that too.

  • Ouch!! Absolutely Not!!!

    People can seriously get hurt. Did you know that brains rot? Like, actually rot like potatoes? Also, the games could make kids violent themselves. They could fight with others and got in trouble. What's more, they can stop listening to their parents. It might make their grades fail. Which they need for future lives. All in all, their brains will never think again and they will ruin their future lives.

  • NO WAY! Stores should not sell violent video games to minors

    It can cause kids to become violent in real life! They could think that violence is okay and cause someone else to get seriously hurt. They might not get into college if they are so violent and colleges might not want them cause they could case problems. If the kids are always playing video games, Their grades could start to fall and they aren't getting any exercise either so they could become obese and have problems when they get older. Their eyesight could become bad.

  • Yes, why not?

    Yes, I strongly believe stores should be able to sell violent video games to minors. I believe the government should not decide whether a child or anyone under 18 years of age should be able to purchase a violent video game. Therefore, why not sell violent video games to minors??

  • Stores shouldn't sell violent videogames to minors

    No, I do not think that stores should be selling violent videogames to minors and that minors who purchase them need to have an adult present. Violent videogames have a negative impact on minors who view the violence as real, and the role of the parent should be to say if violent videogames are okay for minors.

  • No no no!

    Most of America is obese already. Violent games are much more addictive than normal games. If kids just sit around and play video games all day, they won't get enough exercise to stay thin. Also they won't want to get off long enough to cook a healthy dinner. They'll just eat fast food all the time.

  • Why not Parents decide not gov

    I feel that the government has too much control over everyday lives. It should be up to the parents to decide if the child should get the game or not. Also why are the government trying to meddle with the fun of kids. I feel that they're trying to turn kids into mindless zombies that listen to the man/corporate america.

  • The Video Games are a terrible influence on children

    All of the children who play violent video games are 92% more likely to end up as a very bad kid, displaying mannerisms such as swearing, sexual references, lower vocabulary, and none of the necessary skills to successfully live out life comfortably while having a good job. All of my statistics are totally real.

  • Please Read This And Comment

    Violent video games promote violence and make killing people entertaining. These games make it seem like that's ok but we all now its not (unless you are deeply disturbed or a murderer). We need to fight against this and prevent the next generation from being exposed to violence at a young age. If we don't change this, then we are gonna walk into a kid running around shooting people one day. Change the society and share this with your friends and family. It's time to take action. Do you agree with me? Please comment and like if you stand with me!

  • Of Course Not!!

    Kids that play violent games can ruin them and make them violent. Also it really isn't the kids choice. The parent needs to look over the game and say if they will let their kids play it or not. And don't forget that a violent game can make kids thinks violence is OK even though violence is never ever the answer!!

  • Xbox suck ps4 rocks

    Most parent don't really see what kids under 17 really play when it come to rated M games. I think parents should be more in involved in what type of game there son or daughter play.It's been said that most kids have become bad because of the bad influence videos games for one game that already been affecting kids is gta known as Grand Theft Auto there been multiple report that kids that are 16,17 have been doing the same thing as the video game but just in real life. M-rated titles—the rating which extremely violent games usually receive—do not make up the majority of games on the market. In 2010, they made up 25 percent of all games sold by unit. M-rated titles do, however, tend to be the industry’s biggest hits.If we stop selling violent video games to kids they will still find away to play violent witch will be ask their parent to buy the game for them or their older brother/sister to buy them they game.

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thatpoop says2014-05-08T20:50:35.157
Kids should be able to do this because kids are violent and we should deal with that