Should stores start Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving?

  • It is more convenient and may help workers

    There is such a huge argument surrounding this topic, with too many people stating too extreme opinions. If stores want to remain open on Thanksgiving, that's fine. It's more convenient for people who need to run out to buy some more stuffing or a turkey for that night. If a worker has a debt deadline and the only way to meet it is by working on Thanksgiving, so be it. Stores remaining open on Thanksgiving is convenient for shoppers and beneficial for workers.

  • More time at home, with different operating hours!

    Yes, they should if they insist on being open on Thanksgiving they should stay open extra late on Wednesday night into Thursday about noon, then close from 12 pm-6 pm. This gives the workers time to be with their families and friends. Then open back up after 9PM. If a grocery store is open until 5 or 6pm why can't these stores be the same way. Kmart has a good plan they open at 6AM and close from 2-6 and then reopen at 7 I believe. There are some people who really wouldn't mind working on Thanksgiving due to the fact they have no family. They need the money, and don't mind the over time. Companies should offer a bonus plus holiday pay for these people. It should be up to the individual person if they want to work it or not. People need to realize that currently that jobs are hard to come by and some of these people have been unemployed for a year or more. They might need this money to catch up on their bills big time They really don't mind some people. I think if anything the news is blowing this out of proportion to a degree.

  • Everyone needs to quit whining.

    When you take a job in retail, you know ahead of time that you will probably have to work some holidays. It's a part of the job. Especially if you are a seasonal worker hired specifically to work the entire holiday season. Why is this such a big surprise to people? If you are so strongly opposed to working holidays, find a different career path. I worked my fair share of retail positions and have missed some family holidays due to work. Did I like it? No, but I understood it was part of the job that I chose to take. It's like if bartenders/servers suddenly complaining that they have to stay at work until three in the morning and have to work weekends. Yes, that sucks, but it's part of the job they chose. Also, if your family is going to fall apart like everyone claiming Black Thursday is going to do to everyone in America because certain employees have to work, you should really reevaluate your family values. Come on people. And if it's really that big of a deal to attend the big family meal, celebrate it the next day you don't have to work. Thursday is just a day of the week. It isn't what makes thanksgiving special.
    I will happily go shopping on thanksgiving with my family and not feel one ounce of shame.

  • Everyone Has Their Rights

    I think that it's a good idea for stores to be open. It is your choice whether or not you want to get trampled. No one you to go out shopping. Some people don't always have family to celebrate holidays like Thanksgiving with. They are just trying to get some Christmas shopping done anyway so it shouldn't matter if stores are open. Plus stores are getting more money and people want them open so they should be open

  • Last minute things

    Stores should be open because if you need last minute things then you should be able to go and buy them. Plus it is your choice whether or not you want to go shopping or not. You no one else should control your choice but you. Don't let it happen.

  • Hell to the yes!

    It is the customers choice whether stores should be open. If you work on thanksgiving boo hoo, people want stores open and so they should be. People are just trying to catch a deal. I don't mind people getting hit over an item, whoever wins the battle gets the item.

  • Well, why not?

    Although it practically ruins everything, stores should have the freedom to say that they are discounting all their goods and prices to a low on a day of thanks. Stores can have the ability to announce their awesome deals on a day where most people would stay at home even though Black Friday is supposed to be on Friday and not on Thursday, it would just be that most people wouldn't show up. It may not be fair to the workers but they are allowed the freedom to deny work and to stay at home because it is their right and their choice. They can choose to work if they have to but they can just screw the system. For those people who decide to shop anyway, they can be those who don't celebrate Thanksgiving or just celebrate it on the Friday. Why? Because they can. They can simply party and shove food into their mouths on practically any day. They can celebrate the holiday on Friday such as how anyone could celebrate the Fourth of July on January because they can. They can shoot off fireworks any day just how people can feast and invite their bros and families on Thanksgiving on a day not what people would normally celebrate the holiday because they had to go out shopping on the day before Thanksgiving because they were out shopping for whatever legitimate reason they had for going on a day where sales where down and full of discounts all because the stores can do whatever they want to do.

  • Yes yes yes

    I think stores should be open because if you forgot or need more o something the store is open. And the people that dont celebrate thanksgiving can work that day. And if you wanna celebrate you could any other day.Plus you could work in the morning and the afternoon be with your family.

  • Yes, its their choice

    If stores can get enough employees to work and want to stay open on thanksgiving, then let them. If you are against it then just boycott the store, but you may need to get gas or snacks while traveling which requires a gas station to be open which is still a store.

  • Open for heath

    What if someone in your family got sick on thanksgiving and theye
    needed medisin but nothing was open . I mean come on whats next no hospitles open . So nothing will be opennot gas stashoins or anything
    you can have family time on a sunday not just thankgiving you can have
    have family time some other time

  • Have you ever once stopped to think?

    So most of the arguments for Thanksgiving Shopping are that the employees cannot spend time with families. Lets clear some things up, shall we?

    1) When you are hired into retail then you know you will working a holiday or two. Seasonal workers are hired to work ON the holidays. It is simply a fact of those jobs.

    2) You need to remember that these stores are also losing extra money if they are paying 1.5 normal pay, even if they do not sell that much.

    3) Some people (seasonal workers mainly) may want to work these holidays to add more income.

    4) What if you do not have family? Shopping can be a great way to be around people and kill a lot of time.

    5) What if you work later on Friday? This Thursday shopping can easily allow those people to get some deals.

    And there we have why stores should be open on Thanksgiving.

  • Families needs to have a day off from work!

    Not only it's good that families gets together the stores that does not let employees to have a day off gets bad reputation. The stores that actually open on Thanksgiving will only get 11% of Americans that go shopping on Thanksgiving. So the store is losing a little of money from all the people who are staying home and not going shopping. Therefore there is not really a good reason to open on Thanksgiving.

  • Thanksgiving is about Giving... Not Taking

    Big name stores such as Walmart, Macy's, and Target are staying open on Thanksgiving to make some extra money. Thanksgiving should be about spending time with family, not about making a profit. Many holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Presidents Day have become very commercialized to the point where people are forgetting the true meaning of the holiday. Some people may argue that stores should be open on Thanksgiving so that parents can go out and get presents for their kids for Christmas. However, spending quality time with your child and making lasting memories will stick with them far longer than an iPhone 6.

  • Shopping Isn't Everything

    As numerous others have said, it is Black Friday...Not Black Thursday into Friday. On Thanksgiving, people should be home with their families, having a good time. They shouldn't be at work or out and about shopping. These exclusive sales should only be on Friday. Some of the biggest store names like Walmart and Sears are going to be open on Thanksgiving, and honestly, why? These stores make millions and billions of dollars each year...They can't take one day off for their employee's? Greedy.

  • With only negative or effects on business, why bother?

    Of coarse it's not popular just look at this: An October study by retail personalization engine RichRelevance shows a combined 62 percent of Americans "dislike" or “hate” the practice of shopping on the holiday, while a mere 12 percent “like or love” the trend of Thanksgiving Day openings. And besides not being open on thanksgiving only displaces sales witch are son to be made up later in the season. And finally the stores have to extra for the workers on thanksgiving only to make the same amount of money overall. Forget the sentimentality being opean on thanksgiving just is not a good idea.

  • Family's should spend more time.

    Thanksgiving is a time of the year when your supposed to spend time with your family not going shopping. If people really care that much then they can shop online and still get the same deals. People get hurt on black Friday and if we started early then people would be getting hurt and not have anytime to be with there family. The retailers sometime bring the price up and they say the old price was even higher so they can make more money.

  • There should not be work on Thanksgiving because Thanksgiving is the most important holiday to celebrate with all your friends and family together.

    I think that no one should work on Thanksgiving. Holidays are a very special time this is were family and friends come together. It is not the kind thing to do to make your employees work really hard when everyone else has off. If this were to happen to one of my family members and they had to miss out on our celebration I would be devastated.

  • Thanksgiving with the family

    Thanksgiving is suppose to be a day where families come together and give thanks for what they have, but if stores start opening on Black Friday that could ruin family traditions. Thanksgiving is not a time to go out and spend more money, it is a time that is suppose to be spent with your family and that can't happen if stores open even earlier and take workers away from seeing their families. Big name brand stores opening on Friday won't get that much ahead of their competition anyway because families are spending quality time together, not worrying about sales that start a day before Black Friday.

  • It's Black Friday, not Black Thursday

    Thanksgiving day should be a day saved for family, whether you work in a store or not. You have a whole month for Christmas shopping, so why should an extra 24 hours of sales be such a big deal? The same sales will be there the next day, and sometimes even the next week. Researchers have even made arguments about the Thanksgiving sales and that they don't even boost overall holiday sales.

  • So shopping is now more important than family?

    I am definitely for the openings of a couple stores for necessities, for example a store to go to if you need medicine, or a basic item, but big retail stores should be closed on Thanksgiving Day. It seems as though in our generations, family time is getting less and less important. Thanksgiving is a sacred holiday, and should be a day to share with your loved ones, reflecting on how thankful you are. Instead, people are doing the just opposite, and raiding the stores of the so called "sales". It is called Black FRIDAY because it's on a Friday. Opening the stores would just lead to a decrease in moral in our world.

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