• Yes they should

    yes, I think that a teen employee does not have all of the skills that are going to be needed in a certain job, and that they are going to be prone to a whole lot more accidents. I think that it would be good to make things stricter on them.

  • Yes, I believe stricter occupational safety standards should be in place for teenaged employees.

    I believe that many teenagers are often very inexperienced and are more prone to get into on the job accidents then a more experienced employee, I believe extra cautionary rules should be imposed to make sure that these new employees don't get injured on a on the job accident but in the end it's up the employee to make sure they are not going to get injured regardless of how strict the rules are.

  • They are more like to get hurt

    I believe that teenagers should have more safety standards because they have a lot less experience then older workers more then likely that is going to be their first job and being that it is their first job they won't know as more and there is more of a risk of someone getting hurt.

  • No, stricter occupational safety standards for teens wouldn't prove to be beneficial.

    While stricter occupational safety standards for teenagers in the workplace sounds and looks great on paper, in reality wouldn't really deter accidents from happening. Putting yourself in the position of a teenager, most have the internal nature to want to rebel. Knowing that there are standards will encourage bad behavior, I feel.

  • No, not at all.

    Every year occupational safety standards get more strict and more regulated. It gets to the point where you cannot even memorize it all, and where it restricts job performance. I think these rules are already strict enough. The key is to higher teens lucid enough to do the job carefully.

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