Should stricter regulations be placed on medical marijuana use?

  • Yes, stricter regulations should be placed on it.

    As a matter of fact it should be illegal altogether. Let's pretend for a moment that it is medicinally beneficial. The male to female ratio for prescriptions for medicinal marijuana is staggering. It is being abused. Doctor's should be held accountable for these fake prescriptions the same way they are with pills.

  • Yes, if it's meant only for medical use.

    I think that pot should be legalized for recreational and leisure use, too. However, if it is supposed to be for medical reasons only in a certain state, then there should be stricter rules about who can get it so that there is awareness of who can and who can not buy it.

  • Stricter Medical Marijuana Rules

    We should implement stricter regulations on medical marijuana and its use. Of course, many people game the system to simply smoke weed legally. The federal and state governments need to fix these loopholes and other issues to avoid further abuses. Fortunately, a handful of changes could easily remedy this situation.

  • Make it strict

    people dont understand the effects that it can have on your health you will kill your brain to the point you are nothing but a homeless person you will sell everything to buy some more weed when you are addicted to it you will not care about anything but getting high

  • Stricter regulations are needed to ensure medical marijuana is used by those who really need it.

    In multiple states, medical marijuana was approved to help those with chronic illness. In many cases, however, this has been abused by those who wish to obtain marijuana for recreational purposes, and those who wish to make a profit by distributing it. Regulations should ensure that only those who truly need it will receive medical marijuana.

    Posted by: EminentBennett93
  • No I don't think medical use should be more strict.

    One of my family members has an eye illness called glaucoma. It causes the eye to this?form due to an abnormal eye pressure. The only thing which helps his illness is marijuana. For everyone else who abuses the drug, you should consider yourself lucky you are not forced to have to take the drug.

  • Not at all

    We should not be regulating medical marijuana in this way. We should be legalizing marijuana and then regulating that industry with taxation and other measures. We don't need to be putting more measures on marijuana use and treating it like a bad drug. It needs to be legalized for everyone.

  • Marijuana Should be Legalized Worldwide

    Marijuana should be legalized for recreational use worldwide. Most of the criminal court cases in America are from marijuana charges. Many people die during drug deals gone bad on the black market. Once marijuana is taken out of illegal status, drug cartels will lose money because pot is everywhere. Plus, marijuana can be taxed. There should be less restrictions on pot, not more.

  • You cannot overdose on Marijuana nor can it kill you.

    There is no need to be strict on Marijuana if it doesnt have terrible consequences like death

  • No, I do not think stricter regulations should be placed on medical marijuana use.

    Regulations should only be placed on people who are irresponsible and harm or threaten the safety and well-being of others through their use of medical marijuana. Quite frankly, people can threaten the safety of others with a plastic spoon, and they probably do this just as often as medical marijuana users do. I cannot conceive of placing regulations on plastic spoons. It's a waste of money.

    Posted by: RavidbardeI
  • Regulations have proved to be ineffective at combating marijuana use.

    Marijuana has its medical uses, unlike a lot of other illegal narcotics. Regulation and control of this drug have repeatedly shown themselves to be ineffective and, in many cases, counter-productive. The effort to eliminate marijuana use leads to more crime and violence, rather than ending the use of this drug. There is no reason to believe that regulations and controls on its legal use will be any more effective than the even stricter regulations and controls on its illegal use.

    Posted by: KnownEvan
  • Medical marijuana is an effective form of medicinal treatment, and the rules outlawing it are wasteful and counterproductive.

    Medical marijuana is an effective way to treat a variety of symptoms for many different conditions, and the rules regulating it are little more than market controls promoted by business institutions (pharmaceutical companies). A serious drug policy would legalize marijuana the same way that alcohol is currently legal but regulated and taxed.

    Posted by: LivingJimmy

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