Should student and teacher relationships be allowed during school?

Asked by: samanthaa
  • Love has no boundaries

    It's possible to fall in love with anyone. If it's a mutual feeling between both of them then who is the law to tell them yes or no? This law is supposed to protect members of authority from taking advantage of another, but between two consenting adults, no one is being taken advantage of. As long as there is no favoritism in the class then why not

  • It really depends on grade level/ age and what kind of relationship you mean.

    I personally am in the 7th grade and like to be friends with my teachers which is a relationship in a way just not one the cons over there say it is. Say your in college and you love a teacher you age and they love you back that's fine isint it?

  • Why not? Its a free country

    I never had (and never will) any personal relationship with teacher. But I'm not against it. Why should I be against it? People can fell in love with people who are younger or older then them. As long as it doesn't affect the studying I think it's ok for student to have a relationship with their teacher.

  • Not a black-and-white issue, in my opinion

    There are complex shades of grey to everything, and this is no exception. I think if the student is around 18 or so, he should be able to make his own judgements about his life and take responsibility for them.

    Is abuse possible? Yes, of course, but I don't think it is "necessarily" a given in every single case. Do we know and understand every single thought and feeling two other people in any relationship have, at every single moment? Human beings are deeply complicated things, they are not neatly boxed into categories for our liking.

    I mean, I've heard of students of both genders eventually marrying their teachers, one couple on American news are apparently still living together with a family. It's a controversial issue definitely, but not one we should just ignore.

  • A relationship is a relationship.

    Weather it's between two people of the same age or if there's a certain age gap. Love knows no bounderies. And age means nothing. As long as both sides, the teacher as well as the student approve. And there also shouldn't be favouritism. But I believe that if 2 people really love achother, law doenst have anything to do with that.

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  • It d epends

    Well, it depends on certain things. For example, if the student is in high school and the teacher was recently in college, then I see no problem with their relationship. Also, as long as the two partners agree that they're together, it isn't much of a problem. They can even keep it secret to avoid ridicule. About the in-school part, I think they should be able to openly say that they are together as long as the teacher doesn't give the student unfair advantages and as long as they don't act all in-love during class.

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  • Yes,why not?Why not?

    I mean everyone has been in love with others before no matter younger or older.And this should not be restricted.Teachers are allowed to make love with students.It's not an abuse as long as they don't have sex with each other.So,yes it should be allowed.I mean,i also find someone cute.SO yes.

  • No they shouldn't.

    I am in a relationship with an age gap of 24 years. I don't see any harm at all with age gap relationships at all but I wouldn't allow a student and teacher to engage in a relationship. This can create bias and favoritism. The student can also get bullied from classmates or even other teachers. This bullying could also cause the teacher in the relationship to lash out on students in a way inappropriate to school rules. If the student was to stay at the teachers house, who's to say the student couldn't mess with other students results? The teacher could be distracted while teaching classes and the student could be distracted while learning. The teacher could reject other students offers for tutoring and accept their partners over everyone else's... Little things like this would all make the school system very unfair.

  • Not during enrolment in class

    As the question was posed in the US most likely, the legal age is 18. Based off that age, if there is a relationship between teach and student, it would only legally be able to occur during university. In that instance, after the student has left the class the teacher has taught, he/she should be, and in most cases allowed, to pursue a relationship. It should not be during class, however, as this can give perception of favouritism.

  • No, students and teachers should not be personal with each other.

    There is always an unequal relationship between a student and a teacher. The teacher holds all the power while the student is in their class or even in their school. That is why, no matter how young the teacher, or how old the student, there should be no personal relationships allowed. There is too much room for abuse.

  • No. Student and Teacher relationships should not be allowed.

    No. Student and teacher relationships should be allowed during school. These relationships could compromise the fairness and the objectivity the teacher needs to do their job. The students could have problems when the teacher has to give constructive criticism to the student. It puts the teacher in the unfair position of playing favorites.

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