• Yes they shuld get $$$$$$$

    Because they are geting broken arms and legs and they need money to pay for food and to help the poor and to help with geting houses and to help with the bills and help the team with all the thaings they need so thats why i want kids to get paid

  • Yes they shuld

    Yes i thaink they shuld get paid because they get broken legs and to provide for the family and to catch up on the bills and the poor needs food and i culd help the team with the pads and every thaing that they need thats why i thatnk they shuld get paid

  • They are the ones getting broke legs ares ribs and other bone and while that happens if they win no money goes to them.

    They are the ones getting broke legs ares ribs and other bone and while that happens if they win no money goes to them. All 100 million dollars goes to the college at least 100 to 200 dollars should go to it. This is my statement why college athlete should get paid.

  • Yes student athletes should get $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    I think schools should because kids would try there hardest to achieve the prize of money. Even if some kids aren't in to sports, they would still try there hardest like I stated up above. If schools did do this it would make them feel like there in professional league.

  • If schools are making a profit student should receive some compensation

    Yes, to a certain extent, I believe that the student athletes should be compensated for their performances. Colleges make large amounts of money on their players through merchandise and ticket sells. While the schools are making bank, the students are just barely scrapping by with sometimes less than the minimum. When a student accepts a token of appreciation from anyone they are disciplined severely, but the college can cash in on the players with no consequences. Players should at least receive a spending stipend.

  • Those kids should get paid!

    The NCAA and all the colleges that are a part of that system are making a fortune off the backs of college athletes, while the athletes themselves are forbidden to make a dime. That is wrong, and it's exploitation. Everyone knows that star college athletes aren't being recruited for their intellectual prowess anyway. We should stop pretending they are, and just start paying them.

  • In College, Yes

    Collegiate athletes in sports that produce revenue for their schools, conferences and the NCAA should all be paid whatever the market will bear for their services. It is ridiculous that coaches athletic directors, and other administrators make millions of dollars per year on the backs of the labor the student athletes provide for free.

  • Student Athlete's Should Be Paid

    Yes, student athlete's should be paid as they bring awareness and money to their school. I see now reason why a student athlete should be treated any differently than a professional in this matter. More school awareness equals more tuition money, so a student athlete deserves his or her share.

  • They should not.

    Student athletes should not get paid. If student athletes were to get paid, they would not be focused on their schooling, which would be detrimental to their future, They are more then likely getting a free ride through college, so that is pretty much like they are getting paid already.

  • Student athletes should not be paid.

    Student athletes should be playing sports for the love of the game. It is a time when they should be embracing the value of being part of the team and reaping the benefits of hard work and discipline. Once money is introduced into the picture, the entire motivation for playing sports changes. It becomes about money and its values corrupted.

  • Already Get Paid--It's Called a Scholarship

    Getting a higher education these days means going into massive debt. Student athletes already get paid to play sports--it's called a scholarship. Having a free ride for four years is plenty payment enough because it includes room and board, meals, books and tuition. Road trips to visiting schools are free and the hotels and food are paid for. The money earned from jobs after getting the degree is the payment for four years of playing sports.

  • No, being a student should not be a paid position.

    Students are in school to learn. If they have a hobby or extracurricular activity--great! But to give students money for sports is absurd. It puts the focus on career rather than education, and that is an insult to students who WANT to learn. It also fools the student athletes into feeling comfortable that they could be in professional sports, which is a long shot for all but the chosen few. If students want to play sports for money then they should drop out and take their chances, otherwise get the education they will almost certainly need and use in the long run.

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