Should student athletes be required to take drug tests?

  • yes they should

    All athletes should be required to take a drug test. Drugs are prohibited for use to athletes. Playing sports is a privilege. Using drugs is a violation of the athletic program. Students should be tested for all drugs in there system. That's why I think athletes should be required to take a drug test before playing a sport.

  • I think athletes should be drug tested to keep performance enhancing drugs out of sports.

    A person that takes performance enhancing drugs should not be able to play sports. If they want to illeglly make themselves better then that is their choice. Also if they wish to ruin their lives and get addicted to drugs that is their choice. That is my opinion according to me.

  • Why shouldn't athletes be drug tested?

    Don't raise a fuss about, "it's my privacy," it's your urine. I doubt that you were going to do much with it, so why not just give it to the school? Unless you have something to hide of course. So, don't raise a stink about it, it's not a big deal if you're not on drugs.

  • The schools should know whether or not their students are doing drugs.

    It's not unconstitutional according to the Supreme Court ruling which supports student athlete drug testing. The schools should know whether or not their students are doing drugs and it's a way to reduce drug abuse in schools. The parents should be for it because if their child is doing drugs it will give the parents a chance to help their child.

  • It is an unfair advantage to other athletes when some are using drugs.

    I feel that high school student athletes should be drug tested. It is an unfair advantage to other athletes when some are using drugs. It also becomes a safety issue as well. Under the influence an athlete could injure himself or others playing the sport. If tested and results are positive the student should not be allowed to play until they receive a negative test result. There are consequences for your actions and rules to follow in life. The results should be reported to the parents and allow them to seek counseling for the student. Continuous drug testing of the athlete should be taken and as long as the results stay negative, they can continue to participate in the sport.

  • Drug testing is fair.

    If you can't pass an easy drug test to play the sports you want then you have a problem with drugs and should not be able to play them until you pass a drug test. If you want to put harmful things into your body be my guest, but thinking it's unfair to be drug tested because you do these things is just stupid.

  • Yes, student athletes should be required to take drug tests.

    If a student is committed to any school sport, they should be good athletes and follow the rules. Drugs are something athletes need to stay away from. It's all about the game, because if you have even one athlete taking drugs, the game is NO longer fair! So, yes...I agree.

  • Yes drug test should be mandatory

    If you are a student and play a sport you shouldn't be scared to take a drug test, so yes I think that it should be mandatory for a student to take a drug test. It's not a big deal unless they know what they are doing is wrong but if you are doing what you are supposed to you should take a drug test.

  • I say yes!!!

    If a student is really interested in that sport he or she will try to maintain being healthy. Drugs are very dangerous and if the student is playing a sport this may cause them to stop trying hard. Also over the years drugs can affect your immune and you skeletal system. An example of a drug that does this is steroids. Many professional football players that are now old have many health problems due to the drugs that they took when they were young. Many get brain injuries and some have died. Its not fair for a student to waste his or her life like many of these professional athletes. Staying away from drugs is just the best way, and getting drug tested is only going to help student athletes! (:

  • Yes they should

    I believe that school officials should start testing more frequently. My point is that engaging in drugs while participating in sports can be very dangerous. Drug testing should be mandatory for athletes for their safety. The reason for drug testing are; teams depend on their teammates to always be available, drugs can change your athletic abilities, and students join sport teams as a positive activity to avoid getting into trouble and the presence of drugs in sports defeats the goal. I personally know how it feels to be on a team with others who use drugs. They practically “slow-down” the team. You can’t always count on them, and they can become aggressive and unpleasant to be around. In addition, you can get pressured to use the drugs along with them. Even though some people may think randomly testing everyone under no suspicion is an invasion of privacy.

  • Unconstitutional

    This is Unconstitutional to force somebody to randomly be tested. The only way you should be forced to get tested for drugs is when you are caught breaking the law or you have been caught in the act of actually breaking the law. Also people who have a history of any criminal offences and a history of being on drugs etc should also be tested to provide for better safety of the public. If somebody is being pulled over by a cop for speeding they should be able to be drug tested do to the fact that they are endangering the public and are technically breaking the law.

  • No we should not .

    Don't we have our rights that is our choice if we should be drug tested. There are some schools that give you a drug test just to go to prom that is just not right why should we get drug tested to only go to a dance .We have a right to privacy.

  • Education would be unfair.

    The athletes who fail the drug test most likely don't get a chance to go to college because it cost way too much when they could have just been on probation or penalized. A lot of the great athletes wouldn't pass a simple drug test. Ex: gold medalist Michael Phelps who has won 9 gold metals. You can't tell me that weed is bad.

  • You shouldn't be forced to do something without your consent.

    They can't force you to do something without your consent. Many people have been forced to take drug tests, and also, many people play from different parts of the world. Many people have different religions and say that if Jesus didn't want us to be taking drugs in the first place, then he wouldn't create them.

  • It's not fair

    It's inappropriate. Students should have privacy. I have read many articles and even a few parents say that it's inappropriate. I think it's just over the top a little. That's for the parents to find out and get help with. The schools should stay out of it.

  • No they should not

    If a high school student has to take a drug test, it would not be fair to them that the rest of the school would not. And some students have more focus on the game when their getting that strong buzz or getting "high". What if the student is really good at the sport and he/she wants to do drugs but they also want to play the sport? Most schools say its either one or the other but then the team is losing a very important player. Plus it is a violation of their rights and it breaks the law of the 4th amendment.

  • violating rights

    not all students are going to participate in drugs. it costs too much money for public schools. it will make some players not play just for the fact that they can't do it. the consequence they will get will not scare them as much as you would like. its violating our privacy, and our rights.

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  • They may have only tried it once.

    The athlete may have only don't it once to see what it s like. They may not have known that it would have affected them negatively. Or they may have gotten it from being in the same area as someone who did drugs. I have been in this scenario and failed one of my drug tests because of it, even though i have never done drugs in my life.

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Jaber says2013-05-08T00:26:43.773
I am so happy that kids care about this(some)
Anonymous says2013-05-11T02:23:48.413
Yes because being in sports is a privaledge not a right and if you choose to ruin that, then you shouldnt be rewarded for making bad decisions.
mj2001 says2015-10-27T20:36:03.940
Being part of a team is a privilege not a right and can be taken away