Should student athletes on full scholarship get paid to play?

  • I worked hard for a salary, why can't I get it!

    Scholars that a full time job have to learn and others things like that, however they have effort to be on the team instead of study! That might be a privalage, but they still work on school work, and assesments! That's how students get out of college with a degree!

  • I state yes and no

    I state yes and no because of the players hard work and effort. But what if the player gets hurt, does the scholarship vanish or what. What will happen? I also state yes because most games are away games and the player needs some money for all the time he/she is spending on this certain sport!

  • No, they already get scholarships.

    No, student athletes on full scholarship should not get paid for play, because they are already getting a free education for their efforts. There are more scholarships offered to the football team than there are offered to outstanding students. This is already a backwards priority system without adding paying those players on top of it.

  • No, student athletes should not get paid to play.

    Compensating athletes that are on scholarships in college would be a bad idea. The compensation they get is the funding of their education. Other students that do not have scholarships have to work or take out loans in order to pay for their college education. it should be no different for athletes on scholarship.

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