• Yeah! Carry that thing bro

    What's the problem? We are talking about law abiding citizens that have been fully educated and tested on the use of firearms. Id rather have legal carriers everywhere as a deterrent than gun free zones that are giant "WELCOME" billboards for easy attacks. Only seems logical to me, maybe I'm clutching my guns and all but truth is truth.

  • Only with background checks

    I would prefer guns in the hands of our teachers, but when it comes to students, they should be cleared by counselors, trained with the firearm, and have it visible at all times. Gun-free schools don't work. No murderer will avoid a school because it is gun-free. It's actually a better place for a criminal because nobody will be there to defend the students.

  • Disarming people just creates victims

    Any adult (18) who knows how to handle a gun should be able to apply for a CHL and be able to carry on school premise.

    There are plenty of evidence to back how CHL lowers crime rates and helps others.


    The reason why schools and other locations are targeted is because the shooter knows he will not be shot. He can break the rules of a gun ban and know he is safe to fire away.

    Most shooters would think twice before going into a location in which he may be shot before getting off any shots himself.

  • We students would be safer with guns in school

    You have most likely heard about school shootings, like Columbine. In those instances, the only people who were armed were the shooters. If you think about it, if everyone was armed, the casualties would have been much lower. Gun free zones are just like slaughterhouses, where they wait to be killed. I personally would feel a lot safer if it was at least optional to bring guns to school. If you were a robber, would you rob the armed neighborhood, or the unarmed neighborhood? You would rob the unarmed neighborhood, because you are not in danger of getting shot. If students brought guns to school, it would also teach the bullies some respect, because they would know that if they decided to beat up another kid, they would be in danger of getting shot. Schools would be safer if the students were armed.

  • Children shoot the darndest things

    I want my kid to blow another kids face off. I want schools to be like the wild west and the cafeteria a saloon. They should have stand offs at high noon. Imagine the amount of kids we will eliminate. The Earth is already overpopulated, why not bring down the numbers by having some violent fun?

  • Sort of ...

    I think college students should be allowed to, but secondary school students should not. There's a reason we don't let 15-year olds vote, drive (with exceptions), have sex, drink, etc. etc. It's not fun growing up, but they are effectively second-class citizens until they reach the age of majority.

    They're still forming a coherent worldview and it is much more difficult to hold them legally responsible for their actions. I'm not saying that I would NEVER let a kid carry, but there would have to be some serious checks to make sure they're qualified. However, I think a licensed firearms instructor or judge or sheriff, etc. should be able to make the determination that specific minors would wield one responsibly.

  • Yes, if old enough, and with technology to unlock guns from holstes at specific times.

    I would believe that mature students in high school or in universities need self deense to prevent mass shootings. What would work is if the administered guns were kept in special holsters on students that unlocked if the principal, or someone of that rank issued a code red and someone was in the building. Trained students ready to fight a threat could easily stop a mass shooting before it starts. Just think about it: it is a good way to deter criminals from even coming to schools. If EVERYONE was armed with a glock in school, that unlocked wih a special code from the office, then criminals probably wouldn't go shoot up schools out of the fear of being shot themselves. They could also build special shooting ranges on school campus for gun training classes, so students can be trained for emergencies earlier, and be able to shoot more precisely. This would also prepare students in high school and college for the real world, where guns are necessary for self deense. All in all, the pros of allowing students to carry outweigh the cons, and schools should consider this and think it through.

  • As long as he's legally able to

    If he can get a permit, background check, ect... I see no reason not to!
    Someone who's going to carry in a school isn't going to be worried if it's "gun free". In fact, most shootings happen in these places. Let's put it this way: They don't happen at police stations for a reason.
    I don't think it should be a REQUIREMENT to carry in school, but to have the option as long as you are sound of mind and can pass a background check is a-o-k.

  • Who would do that

    If schools want to stop it that is fine if the children's caregivers trust the school to look after the child so if the child gets shot then it is not the parent's fault it is the schools so they would need to do some think to stop this from happening

  • More guns = less crime

    Do you honestly think that if the teachers at sandy hook or the teachers columbine had guns so many people would be dead. If I was a shooter, and I knew that my local pre-school was armed... Hell no, I wouldn't go there. I'd pick the gun free one.... Lol

  • That would be a terrible idea

    The answer is become proactive and not reactive. Arming teachers and students with guns is saying we will wait for a reaction. The answer to the gun crisis is not more guns. The crisis to the gun crisis is less guns. Let us follow the example in Japan, Germany, and Australia, where there are virtually no shootings in schools.

  • Allowing a Gun to a Teen is "Idiotic"

    Now I believe that anyone should be allowed a gun, if trained properly, but not towards a young kid; or even teenager. A teenager is still growing through puberty, and emotions will be high. Who says a teenager cannot go out of control because of failing a test, or hating a teenager? Allowing guns to kids would be even more dangerous, than a regular school shooting; which has a more least likely chance, than this idea.

    It is true background checks can be made and training, but what is it good for if a teenager lets his or her emotions get in the way because of puberty? Let kids be kids, and let the highly trained handle the situations in schools!

    Also, if you do permit guns in school, that just leaves a "bigger" target to the school by the criminal. School shootings occur because of the criminal wanting "action".

  • We have police forces for a reason.

    If there is a school shooting, then a highly trained, properly equipped, and organized team can respond to the situation. Having several hundred random students and teachers carrying guns during a school shooting would be an absolute disaster. Instead of functioning as an informed team, people would behave as panicking individuals relying on fragmented and limited information.

    The casualties from students and teachers shooting each other due to panic, miscommunication, or mistaken identity would outnumber any actual victims from the shooter's attack.

    Allowing students who have been "properly trained" to carry guns is also a bad idea. Teenage drivers are the worst age group in terms of accidents per miles driven, even though they have been "properly trained" on how to drive a vehicle. Teenagers get into these accidents because they lack the degrees of personal control and foresight that adults have. Trusting a teenager with a deadly weapon during an already stressful and confusing situation will only make the situation even worse.

    Also, random students and teachers carrying guns lack the organization and clear chain of command of law enforcement. Once again, this would only add to the confusion of a school shooting.

  • What a Horrible Idea

    I know this argument well, I've had it before. You say it's for protection, we're not trying to militarize students just give them protection. Do you know how many school shootings have occurred since Columbine? Now what if Sandy Hook or Virginia Tech had fire arms for their students to defend themselves? So many lives can be saved, use your 2nd amendment rights people!
    You are correct, there have been far too many instances of psychotics wandering into schools looking to reek havoc on the populous. Now a person in my position could tell you that the number of shootings correlates with the availability of guns, but let's humor the belief that by arming students they can drop the target sooner and save more fellow students. You are positing that when some leather jacketed loner bursts into a school wielding a drum magazines shotgun and a 50 round AK-47, that some 9 year old wipes out her 9 or a preschooler pulls out his piece will be able to stop him. You're going to need to train these kids, teach them how to aim, how to maintain the weapon, how to hold it so the slide doesn't knock their thumb off, how to make sure it doesn't just go off willy nilly, how to be responsible. The poor kid can barely write in cursive and they're being burdened with a 45 caliber arm cannon. But I'll go even further, let's say that these tots are sufficiently able to band together, maybe form a well regulated militia, and school shootings are drastically diminished. Who's to stop Darryl, Janna, and Juan from upholstering their pistols and picking on little Sam or Harry or Latrell? Take your average underachieving bully who already has dominance over this other poor child, now you hand them weapons. "But now the weak kids can defend themselves!" And so what happens then? Either the bullies gang up on the victim or the victim shoots the bully dead. In the first case, now the bullies have the threat of easily murdering the kid so they can pick on them all they like. In the other case now the student has to live with knowing they killed someone else and watched them bleed out in grade school. Is that how we should be teaching children to solve their problems? Just shoot the aggressor? And what makes you think kids won't just make dumb mistakes with their guns? I had a pocket knife when I was younger, so did my friends. I'd cut my hands from time to time and my one friend got in a fight and lost his eye. Now instead of a Swiss Army knife or whatever you have pistols. Kids will make mistakes and there will be an eruption of child on child murders and man slaughters and injuries. So now you have less traditional school shooters because every student is now a possible ho oxide victim or committer.
    Continued in comments.

  • No. Just..... No.

    Why should a student carry a gun? I mean, sure, USA has a lot of school shootings, which NZ doesn't have to worry about. But people need a long term solution. And teaching these students that it's "right" to have a gun is just training a new generation to use these guns to start new school shootings. Two wrongs don't make a right.

  • What are you people thinking??

    I mean this is the most absurd and idiotic idea that i ever have heard.Allow a gun to a kid??Children aren't able to drive a car how could they have ability to handle with guns.No,because children can easy misuse guns in a negative way and this would be disadvantage to society.

  • What is the purpose of guns ??

    Guys,assault weapon are meant to design for army or police force only when it's necessary for the case you have to go to war or fights against criminals.But we as citizen we don't need guns and by allowing guns to citizen could easy lead to guns misuse and abuse.It's bad.

  • Crazy??Of course not

    Guns should be completely ban from the public and no citizen should be allowed to own guns except if they are police,special force,or soldiers.Especially it should be more restrict not allow guns in the hand of children and teens.Guns cause gun violence and increase mass shooting in america.It's very bad.

  • Are you kidding me?

    For all those who agreed to this topic, why don't you rethink and look at how majority of the students act nowadays? Even cops aren't too smart when it comes to using their gun. I swear to you, I'm in high school right now, and it's sad to say I'm surrounded by idiots and immatures. It would be a total disaster if students do have gun. People are bound to abuse whatever they have. Remember that one famous high school shooting, Columbine high school massacre? Yeah, does that change your mind now?

  • Students could kill other kids and people.

    By checking each kid when they go inside of the school and have a security guard at there school with them. Guns should be completely ban from the public and no citizen should be allowed to own guns except if they are police,special force,or soldiers.Especially it should be more restrict not allow guns in the hand of children and teens.Guns cause gun violence and increase mass shooting in america.It's very bad.

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