Should student council members be elected not nominated?

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  • Student leaders should be elected.

    For fairness and justice, as there will be no biasedness, as both teachers and students will elect the student. There is merit in teachers choosing student leaders, but they should not have the absolute power to solely decide - thus, we will use both parties; teachers and students for a fair and just way of selecting leaders - let the teachers nominate a group of deserving students based on their discretion and then students will elect from those selected.

  • Student Councils Should Be Elected

    I believe it is far better when student council members are elected to their position rather than nominated. I believe it is fine nominate individuals if the nominations lead to an election instead of directly into the council. Student councils are meant to serve as the voice of the students, therefore they should chose who they want to represent them.

  • Yes, student council member should be chosen by election versus nomination

    It is my belief that student council members should be elected instead of nominated. Choosing a student council by election ensures that all students have an equal opportunity to run for the office of their choice. This also allows for the voters to chose a candidate that they feel will best represent them, instead of limiting the voters to only nominees.

  • Student council should not be elected

    This is because students may vote for their friends or popular students. This can lead to an irresponsible person become the leader. Junior students may choose the person by judging him from the speech he had made. Teachers can make better decisions while nominating them as they know their student more.

  • Student Council Members Should be Nominated

    If this is in consideration of current student councils and their process of electing the new staff annually, the process of electing students to the council should still be the same. The students should be nominated and they should not bypass the current system. Nominations can give the student body a chance to understand the nominated individuals and decide whether that individual should be put on the council; it is, after all, a democratic society and elected officials even on a student council should be put under the same circumstances as public officials of the government in order for them to run a council that influences the student body of an organization or school.

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