• Yes, It is not right to go after students who are deceased.

    Yes, deceased students cannot work therefore its hard to see how they can pay the money back. The people who make the loans need to be allot more understanding in their collection of money. I feel that you need to just let the debt be forgiven if the student dies somehow. I would not want someone coming after my family if I died with student debt.

  • Student loans should be erased when a student dies

    A family will be griefed enough when someone in their family dies and they do not need the added stress of paying the deceased bills. The person that died isn't even going to get the knowledge that they were ascertaining so they shouldn't have to be responsible. Besides the price to go to school will just go up next year as they always do and they will be able to recoup their losses.

  • Yes they should be.

    Yes, they should be forgiven how are you going to get money from a dead person. You really can't hold the family members responsible for the debts of these students. It is not the family who went to the college for that person. It is the students responsibility however if they die before it is paid back then you let it go.

  • Student Loans should be forgiven upon death.

    Many debts that are created over a lifetime are for the purpose and benefit of more than one person, for example, a mortgage or credit card debt. Student loans however are the for the sole benefit of the student. You can not pass on an education or a degree to someone as you can a house or the possessions acquired with a credit card. Therefore, student loan debt should be forgiven once the student passes away.

  • Well, it's a start

    Yes - But then I think all student loans should be forgiven. Pretty much every job requires a college degree and we're causing generations of kids to go into debt in order to have even a chance at a good job? Absurd. Our culture values the military far more than education - that's a sure sign of a diseased society. Fund education. Make a high school education something worthwhile and a college education free but with higher standards. Not every job needs a college degree - as long as the high schools are doing enough.

  • Why should the lenders go out of business?

    The debt usually cannot be recovered in full, as college students often own so little. However, where possible, the students estate should be responsible for the debt. Why should lenders go out of business? Why should the family of the deceased keep money that will never be used for education? For Pete's sake it was a LOAN, not a life insurance policy.

  • Incentive to 'off' your debt?!

    If the loan is in the students name, then yes, otherwise no. However sad it may be to deal with a loss, if you make it legally possible to absolve my debt through the debt of another, then it opens up a door having one's loan 'off'ed' when STHF. People would disagree that this could/would happen, but I think people would be surprised. I do think, however, that interest should not accrue after the date of death, as well as tax provisions and protections from collections. How can people to the left just say "write it off".. Ok, from the left gimme $100,000 so I can send my grandpa on a round-the-world vacation,, and after he's done...OOOPS, he died.. Guess you're out $100,000,, THANKS!

  • Why should a debt go uncollected?

    Now, the debt, like any debt, should be forgiven if there is no estate.

    However, if a parent took out a loan for education, and the child dies, there is no reason to cancel the debt. We do not cancel a car loan because the car is impounded or destroyed or stolen.

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Formerland1 says2014-07-29T18:36:08.223
I don't know this is a tough one , the entity that gave the loan isn't responsible for the death.
The_Immortal_Emris says2014-07-29T19:08:41.133
Yeah, why can't their unborn children pay off the debt. Because capitalism.